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About this Katy Apple tree

Owner: Jane

Location:  Martley, Worcs, United Kingdom

Visiting: By arrangement

Age: Planted in about
Picking time: late aug sept
Soil characteristics at this location: slightly heavy stoneless loam over clay subsoil. 
Climate at this location: west midlands. not exposed. damp
Pruning: um not really
Age of this tree: 5 - 10 years
Tree form: Not sure
Height: Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping: Heavy crops
Growth characteristics: This tree grows easily here
Herbicides: Un-treated
Pesticides: Un-treated
Main local pests: seems healthy. other trees cankered but this one is clear.

Owner's comments

An amazingly reliable cropper. Has broken branches under the weight more than once. I do nothing to it but we have good fertile soil. Bought the tree for it's name (Daughter Katy) but have been delighted. Short eating season but fab when at peak ripeness. Knocks spots off Discovery in my opinion & a week or so earlier. Recently juiced our surplus crop in a friend's press. All agreed was the best juice we've ever tasted. Highly recommended.

Season records for this tree

Season Blossom date Picking date / Yield Size Season notes
3rd week August

Apples falling so must be picked though pips still not fully dark
3rd week August

fab sweet fruit.

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