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Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples.

'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling'. The same word can be seen in the modern French for a plant nursery or garden centre - 'pepiniere'. Like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

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Latest harvest records from registered fruit trees

  • 2nd week October 2015  Herefordshire Russet owned by Bill in Smeeton Westerby, United Kingdom
  • 2nd week October 2015  Gala owned by Bill in Smeeton Westerby, United Kingdom
  • 1st week October 2015  Scrumptious owned by Stephen in TYSOE, United Kingdom
  • 1st week October 2015  Cox's Orange Pippin owned by Olivier in , Netherlands
  • 1st week October 2015  Calville Blanc d'Hiver owned by Lyn in VENGEONS, France

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Recent visitor comments about listed varieties

12 Oct 2015JohnOK, United States

Apple - Golden Delicious

I've been trying to grow apples for the past five years. This year, I started with 40 thinned apples, several varieties, first ones, expecting a modest harvest. Raccoons got all but 2, both Golden Delicious. I ate one last night. Scrubbed the soot off with a vegetable brush. Totally russeted, dirty looking even when cleaned. Cored and sliced, beautiful juicy white flesh, no blemishes on the inside. Mostly sweet, some tart, nice crunch. Sweetness nuanced, not just sugary. This had a distinct cinnamon overtone into the finish, delightful! Clean appley residual, lasted about 10 minutes. Understand, this has been 5 years in the making so I'm sure that I am biased. I'm modifying my cages and have a trapping program in force. My family thinks I'm nuts. Ready for more next year. more >>

12 Oct 2015Jim DelucaIL, United States

Apple - Shizuka

This is one of the juiciest and sweetest apple I have ever tried. Perfectly crisp. more >>

11 Oct 2015Peter jHERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom

Apple - George Cave

The first apple of the season in my garden. Most years I start using them before the end of July, and some years the first two or three have fallen by then. Sharp but pleasant. I agree that they don't keep well, but they are acceptable until September or early October, by which time other varieties are available in my garden. Best to thin the young fruit for fewer but larger apples. more >>

11 Oct 2015Peter jHERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom

Apple - Sturmer Pippin

In the UK it needs to be picked as late as possible (late October at the earliest, and well into November if not threatened by frost before then) if it is to keep well without shrivelling. My tree, although not very vigorous, crops well with good sized fruit, which most years keeps well until April or even later. It retains a good flavour, though is not very juicy. It has the drawback of being virtually inedible straight off the tree, and I would say it is not really ideal for eating until around February. My other late-keeping variety, Winston, has the merit of being pleasant to eat straight from the tree in late September or October. more >>

11 Oct 2015Peter jHERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom

Apple - Winston

I have had this tree for 30+ years, and nearly always get a good crop from it, though the fruit is often on the small side, even after thinning. However, I thoroughly recommend this variety because of its exceptionally long season of use. I find it pleasant to eat straight from the tree when picked from late September onwards, yet I find it will keep until March or even longer, retaining its good flavour and crisp texture pretty well, if stored in an unheated room. My other late-keeping variety, Sturmer Pippin, will keep at least as long if picked in late autumn, but is virtually inedible until January or later. more >>

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