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If you are interested in apple varieties, pears, cherries or plums, or orchards where these fruits are grown, you have come to the right place.

Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples.

'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling'. The same word can be seen in the modern French for a plant nursery or garden centre - 'pepiniere'. Like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

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Recent visitor comments about listed varieties

01 Feb 2016SophieCALIFORNIA, United States

Apple - Kiku

Was very "eh" about apples in general until I tried a kiku. All I can say is now I am a BIG FAN. Would recommend trying with peanut butter, I like Jiffy :] more >>

01 Feb 2016DonVIRGINIA, United States

Apple - Kiku

World class eating apple. I found this in Kroger. These particular Kiku's were Giants- nearly twice as big as the Fuji's. Sweet, crunchy almost a meal in itself. I hope I can find more. more >>

31 Jan 2016DianeIA, United States

Apple - Honeycrisp

I LOVE ? these Honeycrisp Apples. I started eating regular apples that my grocery store carried that we're already cut up. I came upon some Honeycrisp and that's when I was hooked on them. Don't thing I will eat another apples, but Honeycrisp. I eat 12 small apples a day at work and home. Does anyone know if this too many apples in a day? Is there any sodium in these, if so I will have to cut back. more >>

29 Jan 2016Stephan LorenzBRANDENBURG, Germany

Apple - Holstein

This variety is the originally called „Holsteiner Cox“ from the former historical region „Holstein“ in the northern of Germany. Meanwhile quite common on sale in super markets here. Some traders use this one as substitute for the famous Cox Orange Pippin. But they are more different than equal regarding the taste from my point of view even if the same family. Holstein is characterized by a richly spiced enjoyable acid if fully ripe which tends to be like its apple grand father Ribston Pippin as often assumed. The taste experience is amongst others very dependent on the storage conditions and the „right moment“. I would recommend to keep the bought ones cool and let the basic color change from green to a slight yellow. Eat them well cooled (around 50 °F / 10 °C) to get a fresh, juicy and dense flesh. You can also use this apple for pies, cakes or remove the core and directly bake it in an oven with a nut-butter-cream or almond paste filling (Don't forget the vanilla sauce for Christmas season). The skin remains comparatively fine while cooking. All in all this is definitely one of the most underestimated apples. more >>

22 Jan 2016GuestCALIFORNIA, United States

Apple - Ambrosia

Bought these by accident ($2.70 / lb kinda ritzy) but was blown away. I cook Red Delicious with ham and cheese. and eat Fuji fresh all the time, but these were really different. Crisp AND watery with subtle aromatic flavors and smells. Moderate sweetness, and zero tartness. Reminded me of eating a flowery (but crisp) watermelon. If you hate Granny Smith and other 'tarts' you will probably love these. Glad I bought them (once) but I'll stick with my 99 cent Fuji's. more >>

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