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Sweet Sixteen Apple tree

Owner: Cj

Location:  Horseshoe Bend, IDAHO, United States

Age:Planted in about 2015
Age of this tree:10 years
Soil:6" lush loam on top of sand/rocky mix. 
Climate at this location:Figid winters, Moderate Springs, Hot Very dry Summers
Pruning:No, but will this fall (3rd season)
Tree form:Not sure
Height:Not sure
Cropping:Biennial cropping (alternate years)
Growth:This tree grows fairly well here
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)
Local pests:Some type of fruit borer on neighbors trees. Unidentified

Owner's comments

Bought on sale, really just for growth rate and shade, fruit being an extra. Had few scattered blooms first year (2015) but failed to produce. For some reason (Biennial bloomer?) it failed to bloom last season (2016) but this year it was loaded. Now it is so loaded with sm grape size apples I know I will have to selectively cull as the small branches wont handle that much fruit, but as long as I can control the apple borers that plague my neighbors neglected trees, I'll have a good crop this year (2017).

Season records for this tree

  • 2017

    Spring blossom: 16 April
    Planted spring 2015 with minimal blooming, 3 sm fruits that fell off quickly. Spring 2016 it did not even bloom. Happily, after very hard winter (to -10), heavily flowered and bee's galore. Now it is fruited so heavily (Mid May) I know I will have to cull a good 70% to avoid stressing or limb breakage as tree is only 5' and 1 1/2" base. Excited to have good chance of harvest as long as it can tolerate heat here to 110 f.