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Sweet Sixteen Apple tree

Owner: Valerie

Location:  Cedar Crest, US: NEW MEXICO, United States

Age:Planted in about 2007
Age of this tree:18 years
Climate at this location:Low rainfall, Highs 90's, Lows 0
Pruning:Not sure how yet
Tree form:Half-standard
Height:Not sure
Cropping:Not specified
Growth:This tree grows fairly well here
Herbicides:Organic treatments
Local pests:Coddling Moth

Owner's comments

This tree was planted the same year as my Granny Smith. The Granny Smith has been producing for about 3 years and this will be the first year for my Sweet Sixteen. Most likely had to do with lack of water for difference in production. I use mulch and compost for feeding and weeding. My ph runs about 7.5. Am experimenting with acidifying the water to see if this helps. Will report back on taste when I get my first one, can't wait.