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Chisel Jersey Apple tree

Owner: v

Location:  Lucknow, ONTARIO, Canada

Age:Planted in about
Rootstock:M7 rootstock
Soil:rocky, calcifarious, light topsoil 
Climate at this location:zone 5a, North America, Great Lakes Basin
Tree form:Central leader (widest at bottom)
Height:Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping:Does not usually produce any fruit
Growth:This tree does not grow well here
Pesticides:Chemical treatments
Local pests:deer.

Owner's comments

This tree is the most loved by white-tailed deer of the 30 varieties in my orchard. They seem to seek it out and it has been a trial to prevent them killing the trees. We have had to put LED lights on motion sensors around the trees and in the branches - nothing (not scoot, not burlap, etc.) else was working. My 10 year old trees are about arm height, with much scarring from being eaten (any new growth is usually quickly taken off) Winters here are long, have 3 to 6 feet of snow, and temperatures vary, with average of -8 to -15 degrees C., about 10 to 15 days will see -20 to -25 degrees C., and there is usually a damp northwesterly wind off the lakes.

Season records for this tree

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  • 2009

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