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Tom Putt Apple tree

Owner: Bruce

Location:  Taunton, SOMERSET, United Kingdom

Age of this tree:2024 years
Rootstock:Not known
Soil:Clay loam over sand 
Climate at this location:Temperate Maritime - exposed location
Tree form:Half-standard
Height:Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Heavy crops
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Pesticides:Organic treatments
Local pests:Woodpecker and aphids

Owner's comments

High local bat population seems to reduce moth problems 2011 Pruned to restore shape and initiate new growth fresh growth from centre of tree at beginning of year. Light prune to maintain shape 2012 Ditto 2013

Season records for this tree

  • 2014

    Spring blossom: 6 May
    Size: 3.5m / 11.7ft high   5.0m / 16.7ft wide
    Flower and set has been very good despite the massive crop last year. The pasteurized juice has lasted very well and has retained the slightly spiced taste.
  • 2013

    Spring blossom: 20 May
    Harvest: 3rd week September  100kg / 220lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   6.0m / 20.0ft wide
    Canker: Not present
    Scab: Not present
    Mildew: Not present
    Woolly aphid: Mild attack
    Codling moth: Mild attack
    Silverleaf: Not present
    Unbelievable crop on what is our most reliable tree. Most of the crop has been juiced and has produced one which tastes slightly spiced.
  • 2012

    Spring blossom: 24 April
  • 2011

    Spring blossom: 19 April
    Harvest: 2nd week September
    Lighter crop due to drought. Quality also affected