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Dorsett Golden Apple tree

Owner: Steven

Location:  Los Angeles, CA, United States

Age:Planted in about
Blossom:January 30 - February 30
Climate at this location:Southern California Coastal
Tree form:Not sure
Height:Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Heavy crops
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Local pests:birds, squirrel

Owner's comments

We live near LAX, about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The winters are very mild. Over the last 5 years, our chilling hours ranged between 60-500 chilling hours. Although there is much fruit drop, the tree must be further thinned to get large fruit. Still, the tree will reliably bear around 50 good-sized apples in a season. They begin ripening in June and stay on the tree until August. The tree is grafted onto an unknown dwarfing rootstock. I purchased the tree from a local nursery when it was about 6 foot tall and it has grown maybe a foot taller in 5 years.

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