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Why might varieties be incompatible?

Here are the main reasons why two varieties may not cross-pollinate, or one might pollinate the other but not vice versa:

Species compatibility
Both varieties must be of the same or compatible species. So a plum will not pollinate an apple, a pear will not pollinate with a plum. However most crab apples will pollinate apples, and most Asian pears and European pears are compatible, but Japanese plums and European plums generally aren't compatible..
Flowering times
Both varieties must be in flower at about the same time - this is denoted by the flowering groups.
Poor pollinators
Some varieties produce poor or incompatible pollen. In the case of apples and pears, some are classified as triploid and cannot pollinate other varieties.
Genetic compatibility
Varieties that are very closely related are generally not good pollinators of each other. In the case of cherries, both varieties must belong to the same compatibility group.