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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

Krause Family Orchard & Nursery Inc.

29349 Orchard Road
Glenham, SD 57631
United States
Telephone: (605) 762-3414
Website: www.krauseorchard.com
Visiting: Not permitted

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


We established in 1984 with the planting of our first apple tree and began harvesting the first apples in 1992. The orchard is irrigated with a solid set irrigation system. In the fall of 2007 we put up a new building to house our future storage of apples, cider, grading and selling area. In August of 2008 our pasture/cropland surrounding our orchard was certified organic. At the present time we implement Integrated Pest Management(IPM) methods in the orchard. Our long term goal though is to investigate the necessary means for an organic operation through various parts of the orchard operation. We established a web site in Oct 2008. Farm tours are available on request and school tours are provided on a per student charge too. Pumpkins, squash, gourds, and honey is also available for sale.

Products / Fruit Grown

Beacon, State Fair, Red Baron, Dolga Crab, Chestnut Crab, Sweet Sixteen, Summerland McIntosh, Spur McIntosh, Cortland, Haralred, Haralson, Regent, Honeygold, Red Regent, Empire, Spartan, Connell Red, Fireside, Prairie Spy, Northwestern Greening, Keepsake, Redwell presently produced. Zestar, Honeycrisp, Nova Easy Grow approximate date available by 2011 at the earliest.Apples available for local collection