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Holy Root Farm

6476 Warden Road
New Tripoli, PA 18066
United States

Contact details

Telephone: 610-760-2306


7 miles north of Fogelsville, PA. See our website for more information.

Open Times

By appointment only. Please call to schedule a visit.


Holy Root Farm is a small family-operated orchard and apiary. It sells home-grown apples, apple cider (juice) and honey in season.

The farm sells honey from July - Spring, apples from late July - January and cider (apple juice) at various points in the apple season.  An excellent online calendar gives you details of exact availability dates for the various apple varieties.

The main apple varieties grown include: Black Gilliflower, Cox Orange Pippin, Empire, Enterprise, Fuji, Gala (Crimson), Gala (Fulford), Golden Delicious, Golden Russet, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, Sheepnose, Smokehouse, Spitzenburg, Suncrisp, Washington Strawberry, Winesap, Yellow Newtown Pippin.

Products / Fruit Grown

Golden Delicious, Crimson Gala, Pristine, Fulford Gala, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Granny Smith, Suncrisp, Northern Spy, Goldrush, Red Delicious, Smokehouse, Sheepnose, Yellow Newtown Pippin, Washington Strawberry, Gravenstein, Winesap, Rhode Island Greening, Esopus Spitzenburg, Golden Russet, Cox Orange Pippin, Fuji, Empire, and others.Honey. OK, that isn't a fruit, but it is the fruit of the bee's labor!Apples available for local collectionNon-Alcoholic Cider / Juice AvailableGift Packages AvailablePreserves/Honey AvailableApples available for local collection

Varieties grown

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