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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

KlineKrest USDA Certified Organic Produce Farm

1067 Somers Road
Lyons, MI 48851
United States
Telephone: (616) 902-1587
Visiting: Public access - visitors welcome

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


We may have what you want or can custom grow it. Our USDA Certified Organic Produce Farm has: 10 Varieties of Strawberries. 135 varieties of Fruits, Nuts, Berries. Many unusual small fruits & berries. 45 varieties of Culinary, Medicinal, Native Herbs. Produce: Melons, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Tomatoes, much, much, more.

Products / Fruit Grown

In Ripening Order: Williams Pride/Late July, Wellington/Early Aug, Redfree/Early Aug, Zestar/Late Aug, Fameuse(Snow)/Sep, Liberty/Sep, Northpole/Sep, Pixie Crunch/Sep, Ashmead Kernel/Oct, Eddie April/Oct, Freedom/Oct, Calville Blanc/Oct, Mother/Oct, Spitzenburg/Oct, Sundance/Oct, St Edmunds Pippin/Oct, Scarlet Sentinel/Oct, Fuji/Oct, Arkansas Black/Nov, Enterprise/Nov. Apricot/Early Blush; Black Tlor; Sugar Pearl Aprium/Honeyrich; Flavor Delight Cherry/Balaton; White Gold; Sweet September Cherry-Hungarian; Danube; Joel Bush; Jubileum Chum Combo Sprite/Delight Hawthorne-Chinese Medlar/Breda Giant Mountain Ash/Rabina Mulberry/Contorted; Weeping Nectarine: Kreibich; Mericrest; Yum Yum Nut/Almond: Bounty; Nikita, Nut/Filbert, Nut/Japan Heartnut/Buartnut, Nut/Northern Pecan: Hardy Giant; Surecrop Nut/Yellowhorn (Macadamia), Nut/Pine: Korean-P.koraiepsis; Siberian, Nut/Monkey Puzzle-Araucaria araucana Nut/Chestnut - 5 varieties Oregon Grape, Pawpaw: Taytwo & Sunflower Peach/White: Blushing Star; Erly White/jul; White Lady/aug; Summer Pearl/sep; Snow Giant/Late sep; Sep Snow/oct Peach/Yellow: Avalon Pride/jul; Intrepid; Reliance/aug; Madison/sep; Laurol/oct Tri-Lite - (Peach/Plum cross) Pear/Asian: Nijiseki; Olympic; Raja; Pear/Asian/4 variety-Bot?, Shinseiki, Hamese, Mishirasu Pear/Bella de Or; Conference; Hudar; Nova Pear/Shipova Persimmon/Asian: Jiro Plum: Howard Miracle; Mt. Royal; Northern Blue; Toka; Underwood; Pluot/4 Combo: DD - Flavor Suprene - King - Queen Pluot: Dapple Dandy; Flavor Supreme; Splash Russian Quince: Kauna; Kuganskaya