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Riley's Apple Farm #1

12201 S. Oak Glen Rd
Oak Glen, CA United States
Telephone: (909) 797-4061
Visiting: See website

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


The history of the Riley family in Oak Glen began when Dennis and Sharon Riley homesteaded their farm in 1978. Sharon noticed that folks kept asking if they could pick the fresh fruit. Selling a crop wholesale required labor which ate up most of the profit. On the other hand, a U-Pick operation would solve the problem of picking, packaging and storing each year’s crop. So we opened the gates to the farm.

Products / Fruit Grown

We will have Gravensteins in mid-August. Then Glen Seedlings (green, tart apples). Later, Early Fuji's and Red Delicious about the second week in September. Shortly afterward the Spartans, Jonathans and McIntosh toward the end of September. The last apples to ripen are the Romes, Winesaps, Braeburns, Fujis, Northern Spy and Yellow Newtown Pippin.In mid-July our Red Heritage raspberries start to ripen, then the wild blackberries. Although our season officially opens to the public on Labor Day weekend, you can call from mid-July on to check on ripeness and make an appointment to come up and pick. Cider pressing, wagon rides and all other tour activities begin on Labor Day weekend. In late October you can come up and pick your own corn (Indian Corn) and pumpkins.