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Six Nine Orchard

East Park Farm
Prudhoe, Northumberland ne42 5nj
United Kingdom
Telephone: 447852331020
Visiting: By arrangement

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


The Six Nine Orchard in Wylam Northumberland is home to Liquidapple a blend of 100% Pure Apple Juice. The Orchard has around 300 high quality apple tree's with over 80 varieties of Cider, Dessert and Cooking Appples. Pears, Damson, Cob Nuts, and Sloes are also grown in the way nature intended (No Chemicals or Pesticides here). The Six Nine Orchard our little bit of the rock.

Products / Fruit Grown

Kingston Black, Tremlett's Bitter, Katy, Mrs Lakeman's Seedling, Howgate Wonder, Ashmeads Kernal, Pitmaston Pineapple, Golden Pippin, White Melrose, Beauty Of Moray, Devonshire Quarreden, Fourty Shillings, Orleans Reinette, Irish Peach, King of the Pippins, Yarlington Mill, Golden Spire, Tom Putt, Morgans Sweet, Black Dabinett, Sweet Coppin, Pig Snout, Stoke Red, Browns Apple, Goring, Kill boy, Warrior, Pendragon, William Crump, Crimson Victoria, Johnny Voun, Ellis Bitter, Harry Masters Bitter, Dabinett, Dufflin, Fair Maid Of Devon, Black Jon, Jonathan, Warden, Hutton Square, Lakeland, Lowland Raspberry, Easter Orange, Fairy, Crimson King, Strawberry Norman, Cider Ladies Fingers, Cummy Norman and Many Many more.......Pear.. Moorcroft, Blakney Red, Green Horse, Damson, Cob Nuts, SloesNon-Alcoholic Cider / Juice AvailableAlcoholic Cider Available