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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

Roseridge Orchards

3524 Rose Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 4G5
Telephone: (250) 860-4651
Visiting: Not permitted

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


We carry 15 varieties of apples, 25 varieties of peaches, as well as many other types of fruit and fresh vegetables - we only sell what we grow. See our website at for a complete look at who we are, where we are, and what we produce.

Products / Fruit Grown

Sunrise, Silken, McIntosh, Gala, Goldens, Spartans, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Ambrosia, Shikaishi, Red Delicious, Idared, Fuji, Braeburn, and Pink Lady.Peaches (25 varieties), plums, pears, apricots, cherries, watermelon and walnuts.Apples available for local collection