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If you know of a variety that is not described here, why not send us the details and we might add it to our database. If we do we will acknowledge you as the original source of the information (unless you want to remain anonymous).

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  • Whilst the form asks for as much information as possible, you don't have to fill it all in - please just complete what you can.
  • Even if you only know the name of the variety and can add a few comments, that is sufficient. We will then use your request as a prompt to find out more about this particular variety.
  • Please do not copy information directly from books or other websites as we do not want to breach other people's copyright.
  • You can use this form to suggest a variety for any of the Orange Pippin family of websites - our main focus is apples, plums (and related Prunus species), pears, and cherries.

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