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Api Etoile apple

Very unusual oblate (flattened) shape looking like a rounded star from the end. A little larger than the Lady apple. Excellent flavor - aromatic with sufficient acid and a sweet fruity taste.
Photo of Arlet

Arlet apple

A sweet mid-season dessert apple, developed in Switzerland and related to Golden Delicious.

Berner Rosen  apple

A popular Swiss apple variety, although not well-known elsewhere

Frauen Rotacher apple

Medium sized fruit with greenish-yellow skin flushed and striped with red and with russet dots. Flesh is firm, crisp, white and fine-textured with a sweet subacid flavor.

Junami apple

A new bi-coloured apple from Switzerland, quite similar to Elstar in appearance.

Maigold apple

Crisp, juicy flesh; mildly subacid, sweet flavor. Slightly honeyed, mellowing to a citrus taste in storage. Bruise resistant. Keeps well in storage.

Mairac apple

A modern Swiss apple, derived from Gala and Maigold and released in 2002.
Photo of Rubinette

Rubinette apple

Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.

Rubinette Rosso apple

A red-colored natural bud-mutation of Rubinette, trademarked as Rafzubex.

Uttwiler Spätlauber apple

An old Swiss apple variety, enjoying new-found popularity because of its alleged anti-aging properties.

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