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Photo of Adams's Pearmain

Adams's Pearmain apple

Classic Victorian 'pearmain' shape apple with a nutty sweet flavour.

Alexander apple

An old and attractive culinary apple, cooks to a puree.
Photo of Allington Pippin

Allington Pippin apple

A versatile English apple, with a strong pineapple-like flavour, useful for both cooking and eating.
Photo of Antonovka

Antonovka apple

A popular small green culinary apple variety from Russia. Also of importance as a rootstock because of its ability to tolerate extreme cold.
Photo of Antonovka Kamenichka

Antonovka Kamenichka apple

A culinary apple from the Ukraine, possibly a more colored form of Antonovka.
Photo of Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black apple

A long-keeping tart apple from Arkansas, USA - which goes almost black in storage.
Photo of Arlet

Arlet apple

A sweet mid-season dessert apple, developed in Switzerland and related to Golden Delicious.
Photo of Aromatic Russet

Aromatic Russet apple

A high quality russet-style variety, sharper than Egremont Russet, with a rich flavour and occasionally a hint of lemon.

Arthur Turner apple

A well-known early season culinary apple. Cooks to a sweet puree. Grows easily in most situations.
Photo of Arthur W Barnes

Arthur W Barnes apple

An attractive and popular mid-season culinary apple, very versatile in the kitchen, cooks to a puree.
Photo of Baumann's Reinette

Baumann's Reinette apple

Sharp/sweet flavour but fairly bland, quite chewy - looks better than it tastes
Photo of Belle de Boskoop

Belle de Boskoop apple

A popular old dual-purpose apple from the Netherlands.
Photo of Benoni

Benoni apple

A mid-season heritage variety from Massachusetts, USA, with a pleasant sweet flavor.
Photo of Blue Pearmain

Blue Pearmain apple

An heirloom American apple variety, commonly found in New York state. Named for the blue-colored bloom.
Photo of Bonza

Bonza apple

A chance seedling discovered in Australia.

Bramley 20 apple

A naturally less vigorous sport of the famous English cooking apple.
Photo of Bramley's Seedling

Bramley's Seedling apple

Bramley's Seedling is the definitive English cooking apple. It produces heavy crops of large apples with a sharp acidic flavour, which cook down to a smooth puree.

Bright Future apple

One of the last varieties developed by English apple breeder Hugh Ermen, introduced in 2008 in conjunction with organic charity Garden Organic.

Broadholme Beauty apple

A mild-flavoured cooking apple, related to James Grieve.
Photo of Brownlees Russet

Brownlees Russet apple

A popular English apple from the Victorian era, widely grown at the time and esteemed for its flavour and blossom.

Bulmer's Norman apple

Specifically a cider variety. Bittersweet flavor.
Photo of Burgundy

Burgundy apple

Fruit is large, round, very intense pigment, almost blackish red. Solid blush without stripes. Skin is smooth and glossy. Flesh crisp, subacid, very good eating quality. Fruits hang well for 3 weeks after harvest ripe. Storage life is short, no more than a month.

Bushey Grove apple

Sharp acidic cooker, very juicy

Cameo apple

A modern sweet variety, reminscent of Red Delicious.
Photo of Catshead

Catshead apple

An ancient English apple, cooks to sharp firm puree.
Photo of Charles Ross

Charles Ross apple

Handsome, juicy, versatile English classic - good for old-fashioned English cooking.
Photo of Christmas Pippin

Christmas Pippin apple

A modern Cox-style variety, found growing by a roadside.
Photo of Cockpit Improved

Cockpit Improved apple

A Yorkshire cooker, cooks to a sweet puree. An improved version of the original Cockpit.

Coconut Crunch apple

A crisp, hard, winter apple which has a strong resemblance to Northern Spy, one of its parents.
Photo of Cortland

Cortland apple

One of the more successful McIntosh offspring, with all the usual characteristics, including the sweet vinous flavour.
Photo of Cox's Orange Pippin

Cox's Orange Pippin apple

This is the benchmark for flavor in apples - from a good tree in a good year it can achieve exceptional flavor.

Crimson Crisp apple

Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Very good, rich flavor. Sweet/sharp flavor, spicy. Originally known as Coop 39.

Daliclass apple

Essentially an improved Elstar, with a bit more sharpness.
Photo of Dawn

Dawn apple

A good-looking dessert variety, fairly sharp flavour
Photo of Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee apple

Sharp puree, crisp juicy dessert later in season
Photo of Discovery

Discovery apple

A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.
Photo of Duke of Devonshire

Duke of Devonshire apple

An important Victorian apple with a distinctive fruity flavour, and often russeted. Continues to be quietly popular.

Elise apple

A new apple variety developed to have low levels of the allergenic compounds which can cause mild allergic reaction to apples in some people.
Photo of Elstar

Elstar apple

One of the best Golden Delicious offspring, the sweet/sharp flavor is more reminscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.

Emneth Early apple

Also known as Early Victoria, Emneth Early is a very early-season "codlin" type apple. It was grown commercially in East Anglia and elsewhere, particularly for jam production.
Photo of Epicure

Epicure apple

Small, firm early apple. Very good dessert quality. Often known as Laxton's Epicure.

Erwin Bauer apple

Eating apple. Medium size fruit, deep yellow skin with stripes. Flesh especially hard and crisp with sweet aromatic flavor.

Estivale apple

A very good early/mid-season apple from France, also known as Delcorf and Delbarestivale.
Photo of Fall Pippin

Fall Pippin apple

Large, yellow fall apple. Good flavor and keeper. Flesh tender, rich and of very good quality. Excellent for eating but especially desirable for culinary use.
Photo of Falstaff

Falstaff apple

Popular garden apple tree, very heavy crops, easy to grow, very juicy.
Photo of Fireside

Fireside apple

Large conical fruit. Green skin with scarlet stripes and sometimes a mottled orange flush. Crisp, sweet, juicy greenish white to yellow flesh. Excellent eating apple.
Photo of Flamenco

Flamenco apple

A columnar or ballarina style apple variety.
Photo of Freedom

Freedom apple

Good multi-use apple. Medium to large red fruit on almost invisible yellow skin. Crisp, juicy, sweet, good-tasting flesh. Subacid, sprightly flavor.
Photo of Freyberg

Freyberg apple

The sweetness of Golden Delicious married to strong flavour of Cox - but takes after Golden Delicious. Also known as Freyburg.

Frostbite apple

One of the first varieties developed by the University of Minnesota, but only released around 2008. Previously known as MN 447. Frostbite has played an important role in the development of many other cold-hardy varieties.

Galarina apple

Small to medium size. Variable reddish coloring over green-yellow (when not fully colored). Some ribbing. Five-pointed calyx end. Smooth, thick, tough skin. Keeps 4+ months in excellent condition, holding flavor better than Gala.
Photo of George Cave

George Cave apple

A very early English apple, popular as a garden apple variety.
Photo of Glockenapfel

Glockenapfel apple

A very old European apple variety with a distinctive bell-like shape.
Photo of Golden Harvey

Golden Harvey apple

Intense, sweet, sharp-flavored russet apple famous for strong cider.
Photo of Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget apple

A small, broadly conical, long-stemmed predominately yellow fruit with orange streaks and splashes. Crisp, juicy flesh with extra sweet, rich, mellow flavor. Fine for eating out of hand, excellent for pies, sauce and apple butter. Short keeping life.
Photo of Golden Pippin

Golden Pippin apple

Yellow colored with a sharp, intense fruity flavor.
Photo of Granny Smith

Granny Smith apple

The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia's most famous export.
Photo of Greensleeves

Greensleeves apple

A good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour.
Photo of Grenadier

Grenadier apple

If you want an early-season English cooking apple, this is the one - good flavour for all sorts of culinary uses, very easy to grow, and crops well.
Photo of Grimes Golden

Grimes Golden apple

Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.
Photo of Haralson

Haralson apple

Good baking, eating and cider apple. Flesh is crisp, juicy, firm. Mildly tart flavor, not acid. Holds its shape and texture in baking. Retains good flavor in keeping.
Photo of Herefordshire Russet

Herefordshire Russet apple

A modern russet with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour, could displace Egremont Russet
Photo of Holstein

Holstein apple

Noted for its excellent orange-yellow juice, fairly soft, slight pineapple flavour
Photo of Honey Pippin

Honey Pippin apple

An English Cox-style apple, said to have a "honeyed" flavour.
Photo of Honeygold

Honeygold apple

Hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. Golden Delicious flavor, Haralson hardiness. Medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. Flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious. High quality. Superior storage qualities.
Photo of Howgate Wonder

Howgate Wonder apple

Very large cooker, not great flavour when cooked but excellent sharp juice

Hudson's Golden Gem apple

Excellent eating apple. Large conical and elongated fruit. Dull yellow russet skin. Crisp, sugary flesh with nutty flavor.
Photo of Indo

Indo apple

A very sweet variety from Japan.

Initial apple

Initial is an early/mid-season disease-resistant variety from France, related to Gala.
Photo of James Grieve

James Grieve apple

A versatile cooking apple, excellent for juice, and widely used in breeding programmes.
Photo of Jazz

Jazz apple

Proof that supermarket apples are no longer bland and boring, Jazz has crisp flesh with a superb rich peardrop flavor.
Photo of Jonared

Jonared apple

Flavor similar to Jonathan
Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan apple

A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.
Photo of July Red

July Red apple

Very attractive, large, red fruit. Strongly scented with vinous or loganberry flavor; sweet, soft, juicy, white flesh.
Photo of Kandil Sinap

Kandil Sinap apple

Tall cylindrical apple. Creamy, yellow porcelain-like skin with red blush. Crisp, juicy, fine-textured flesh, excellent flavor.
Photo of Katy

Katy apple

A very attractive and easy-to-grow early apple variety from Sweden, properly called Katya - Katy is the anglicised name.
Photo of Kidd's Orange Red

Kidd's Orange Red apple

Marries the complex aromatic qualities of English Cox apples with the scented flavour of American Delicious. A good apple for the gardener as well.
Photo of King David

King David apple

A good quality American apple variety, notable for its resistance to fireblight.
Photo of King of Tompkins County

King of Tompkins County apple

An old American variety from New Jersey. The fruit is very large, and keeps well.
Photo of Lady Apple

Lady Apple

Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.

Langton's Nonsuch apple

An old English variety, originating in Church Langton, Leicestershire, from which its name derives.
Photo of Laxton's Fortune

Laxton's Fortune apple

A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK.
Photo of Limelight

Limelight apple

Developed by UK apple breeder H. Ermen, based on the Greensleeves apple from East Malling Research Station.

Little Pax apple

A new English apple variety, recently discovered at St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight.
Photo of Lobo

Lobo apple

A McIntosh-style apple from Canada, generally believed to be better all-round than its parent.
Photo of Lord Hindlip

Lord Hindlip apple

A versatile English dessert variety from the late Victorian era, and one of the longest-keeping apples.
Photo of Macoun

Macoun apple

Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones.

Mantet apple

An early-season apple variety from Canada.
Photo of Margil

Margil apple

A very old variety, with a good flavour.
Photo of Melrose

Melrose apple

Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it's fruity aroma.
Photo of Meridian

Meridian apple

An attractive well-flavoured modern English apple, difficult to detect the Cox parentage though.
Photo of Merton Prolific

Merton Prolific apple

An interesting cross between a cooker (Northern Greening) and a dessert apple (Cox's Orange Pippin).
Photo of Merton Worcester

Merton Worcester apple

An interesting early/mid season dessert variety, probably deserves to be better known.

Miller's Seedling apple

A small early-season English apple, popular in late Victorian times.
Photo of Mutsu

Mutsu apple

A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.

New Rock Pippin apple

An old English late-season dessert apple variety originating from Cambridgeshire. Highly regarded by 19th century writers for its dry firm flesh and rich flavour and hint of anise.
Photo of Newtown Pippin

Newtown Pippin apple

Also known as Albermarle Pippin. Made famous by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who grew them in his orchard at Monticello. One of the first US apple exports to the UK.
Photo of Norfolk Royal Russet

Norfolk Royal Russet apple

Norfolk Royal Russet is one of the best-looking russet apples, with a superb rich sweet flavour.
Photo of Northern Greening

Northern Greening apple

A very old English apple, widely grown by the 19th century and probably the forebear of many of the major Victorian-era culinary apples.
Photo of Novaspy

Novaspy apple

Novaspy is a further development of the "Nova" series of apples from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based in Nova Scotia. As the name suggests it has Northern Spy in its ancestry.
Photo of Ontario

Ontario apple

Very good eating, juice and cooking apple. Medium-large fruit with green skin flushed and striped red. Flesh fine textured, very juicy, sprightly and aromatic.
Photo of Opal

Opal apple

A modern apple from the Czech Republic, related to Golden Delicious and Topaz.

Opal (Seabrook) apple

An early-season English apple, with very similar qualities to one of its parents, Worcester Pearmain.
Photo of Opalescent

Opalescent apple

A popular large New England apple, sweet, crunchy, juicy, hint of strawberries - a well-flavoured apple.

Oriole apple

An early-season American apple from the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Peasgood's Nonsuch

Peasgood's Nonsuch apple

Highly esteemed culinary apple. Large pale yellow-green fruit, deepening to orange-yellow with short stripes of bright red and some russet patches. Good acid-sweet flavor, cooks to a froth.
Photo of Pink Lady

Pink Lady apple

One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink.
Photo of Porter's Perfection

Porter's Perfection apple

English cider apple. Cream coloured, flushed dark red. Bitter-sharp cider blending quality.
Photo of Prairie Spy

Prairie Spy apple

All purpose. Red over yellow, attractive large fruit. Some russeting may occur. Excellent flavor, improves in storage. Extra long keeping winter apple.
Photo of Priam

Priam apple

Medium range red over green-yellow. Keeps well through January.
Photo of Priscilla

Priscilla apple

Medium in size. 65% red blush over yellow background. Crisp, coarse, mildly subacid. White to slightly greenish flesh. Good flavor and quality. Will store for three months. Fruit hangs well.
Photo of Queen Cox

Queen Cox apple

A popular self-fertile sport of Cox's Orange Pippin, similar excellent flavour but slightly easier to grow.
Photo of Red Devil

Red Devil apple

Red Devil is an attractive modern English mid-season apple, developed by the influential English apple enthusiast Hugh Ermen. It is notable for its attractive pink juice.
Photo of Red Falstaff

Red Falstaff apple

A red-coloured sport of Falstaff, a popular garden apple tree.

Red Jonathan apple

A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities.

Redfree apple

Medium size, glossy fruit with 90% bright red color. Smooth, waxy, russet-free skin. Light flesh is crisp and juicy.
Photo of Rhode Island Greening

Rhode Island Greening apple

One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
Photo of Ribston Pippin

Ribston Pippin apple

Famous Yorkshire apple variety, probably the parent of Cox's Orange Pippin.

Rival apple

A Cox-style cooking apple, commercially successful in the 1920s.

Rosemary Russet apple

A classic English russet apple from the Victorian era, though not as well known as its contemporaries.
Photo of Rubinette

Rubinette apple

Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.

Rubinola apple

A mid-season disease-resistant variety from the Czech Republic, with a very good flavor.
Photo of Saint Edmund's Pippin

Saint Edmund's Pippin apple

A popular russet apple with the characteristic sandpaper skin and sweet flavour. Often known as St. Edmund's Russet.

Saint Everard apple

One of the more unusual Cox-derived apples, Saint Everard is the result of Cox pollinated by a well-regarded old English variety, Margil. As might be expected it has a high quality aromatic flavour. However it suffers from the cultural difficulties of Cox's Orange Pippin and did not achieve commercial success.

Sans Pareil apple

An English apple variety from the Victorian era, or possibly earlier, with a good flavour, deserves to be more widely grown.

Sapora apple

A modern apple variety developed in France, related to Rubinette.
Photo of Saturn

Saturn apple

An excellent modern English apple variety, developed at the famous East Malling research station.
Photo of Scotch Bridget

Scotch Bridget apple

A reliable Scottish cooking apple that is also widely-grown in north-west England.
Photo of Scrumptious

Scrumptious apple

A new early-season English dessert apple, with very good flavour.
Photo of Shenandoah

Shenandoah apple

Quite similar to its parent Opalescent, and a pleasant sweet apple in its own right

Shizuka apple

Same parentage as Mutsu (Crispin). Large. Yellow with red-orange blush. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu (not necessarily preferable), but excellent flavor.

Smitten apple

A typical modern fresh-tasting apple from New Zealand, related to Falstaff, Fiesta, Gala, and Braeburn.

SnowSweet apple

A cold-hardy red apple from the University of Minnesota.

Sops in Wine apple

Old English culinary and cider apple. Fruit medium, skin greenish yellow flushed purple red. Flesh soft, fine stained pink. Flavor aromatic, subacid, vinous.
Photo of Spartan

Spartan apple

Attractive, crunchy, sweet, easy to grow, and with the characteristic delicate wine-like "vinous" flavor of the McIntosh family of apples.

Stirling Castle apple

A popular Victorian cooking apple from Stirling in Scotland, produces a good-flavoured puree.

Sturmer Pippin apple

A popular Victorian dessert apple variety, notable for its exceptional keeping qualities.

Suncrisp apple

Good looking yellow apple with a 0-40% orange-red blush. Flavor is sweet yet mildly subacid, said to be intense. Cream colored flesh, not prone to browning. Fruit can be stored up to 6 months in cold storage.
Photo of Sundowner

Sundowner apple

A late-season apple from Australia, whose varietal name is Cripps Red and which is related to Pink Lady®.
Photo of Sunset

Sunset apple

Popular garden alternative to Cox, easier to grow, and has a similar flavour albeit lacking some of the depth.
Photo of Surprize

Surprize apple

A new pink-fleshed apple variety with an orange skin.

Sweet Coppin apple

A traditional English mild bittersweet cider variety from Devon.

Sweet Sixteen apple

Large, red striped fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic.

Thoday's Quarrenden apple

A mid/late season English dessert apple, raised in Cambridge in the mid 20th century, but thought to be related to the early-season Devonshire Quarrenden.

Tom Putt apple

An old English cider apple which can also be used as a cooking apple.

Topaz apple

One of the best modern disease-resistant varieties, fairly sharp flavour
Photo of Upton Pyne

Upton Pyne apple

Primarily a cooking variety, notable for a delicate pineapple-like flavour. Cooks to puree.

Wayside apple

Wayside is a mid-season dessert apple, probably a seedling of Charles Ross, which it resembles in appearance and flavour.

Wealthy apple

Excellent dessert and multi-use apple, picked a few weeks early for cooking. Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh. Refreshing, sprightly, vinous flavor.

William Crump apple

An intensely flavoured English apple, related to Cox and Worcester Pearmain.

WineCrisp apple

WineCrisp, formerly known as Coop31, is a modern disease-resistant variety developed by the Universities of Prudue, Rutgers and Illinois.
Photo of Winesap

Winesap apple

Often known as Virginia Winesap, a tart small apple, and like many US heirloom varieties, keeps well in store.

Winter Gem apple

A late-season modern English apple with a good aromatic flavour.
Photo of Wolf River

Wolf River apple

Named after the place where it was found. Notable for its very large size, primarily used for cooking. The tree is exceptionally cold hardy and disease resistant.

Worcester Pearmain apple

A popular early-season English apple, sometimes with a strawberry flavour. Often used in breeding programmes to develop other early varieties.
Photo of Yellow Ingestrie

Yellow Ingestrie apple

An attractive old yellow apple, with quite a strong apple flavour

Yorkshire Greening apple

A very old culinary apple from Yorkshire, also known as Yorkshire Goosesauce.
Photo of Zabergau Reinette

Zabergau Reinette apple

German russet-style apple, but sharper than Egremont Russet, tastes of nettles when straight from the tree. Keeps for 3-4 months.

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