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Photo of Adams's Pearmain

Adams's Pearmain apple

Classic Victorian 'pearmain' shape apple with a nutty sweet flavour.
Photo of Akane

Akane apple

One of the best early-season apples, better known in the USA than Europe, but would appeal to European tastes too.

Alexander apple

An old and attractive culinary apple, cooks to a puree.
Photo of Alkmene

Alkmene apple

A very attractive early Cox-style apple, slightly sharper than Cox, sometimes known as Early Windsor.
Photo of Allington Pippin

Allington Pippin apple

A versatile English apple, with a strong pineapple-like flavour, useful for both cooking and eating.
Photo of Almata

Almata apple

A red-fleshed apple variety.
Photo of Ambrosia

Ambrosia apple

A sweet modern apple variety from western Canada, quite similar to Golden Delicious. Discovered as a chance seedling in an orchard in British Columbia.
Photo of Anna

Anna apple

A very early season Golden Delicious style apple variety from Israel, noted for its very low chill requirement of less than 300 hours.
Photo of Apricot

Apricot apple

An unusual and little-known apple variety noted for its apricot-like flavor.
Photo of Ariane

Ariane apple

A modern French dessert apple variety, with built-in resistance to scab. Ariane is an attractive red/yellow colour and has a pleasant mild apple flavour.
Photo of Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black apple

A long-keeping tart apple from Arkansas, USA - which goes almost black in storage.
Photo of Arlet

Arlet apple

A sweet mid-season dessert apple, developed in Switzerland and related to Golden Delicious.
Photo of Ashmead's Kernel

Ashmead's Kernel apple

A very old apple variety, with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavour. Ashmead's Kernel is also one of very small number of English apple varieties that also thrives in North America.
Photo of Baldwin

Baldwin apple

A very popular old American apple variety, widely grown for culinary use, and a good keeper.
Photo of Bardsey

Bardsey apple

Discovered growing on an island off the coast of North Wales, and considered very disease-resistant.
Photo of Baya Marisa

Baya Marisa apple

A modern red-fleshed apple variety with a good flavour, developed in Germany, and also known as Tickled Pink.

Beacon apple

Beacon is a bright red early-season apple with a soft flesh, noted for its cold hardiness.
Photo of Beauty of Bath

Beauty of Bath apple

A popular English garden apple from the Victorian era, one of the first to ripen.
Photo of Belle de Boskoop

Belle de Boskoop apple

A popular old dual-purpose apple from the Netherlands.
Photo of Ben Davis

Ben Davis apple

Once a commercial variety in US. Large, attractive fruit. Bright red over yellow. Firm, coarse flesh. Not particularly flavorful. Winter keeper.
Photo of Benoni

Benoni apple

A mid-season heritage variety from Massachusetts, USA, with a pleasant sweet flavor.
Photo of Bess Pool

Bess Pool apple

Late keeping eating apple. Flesh rather dry with sweet pleasant flavor.

Black Gilliflower apple

Very uniform in shape and size. Large, oblong, conical ribbed fruit. Dark red deepening to almost black. Greenish white flesh. Rich, mild, sweet flavor and distinctive aroma. Hangs long on the tree but must not be allowed to over ripen as flesh soon becomes dry.

Black Oxford apple

Round deep purple fruit with a black bloom.
Photo of Blenheim Orange

Blenheim Orange apple

An 18th century English dual-purpose apple which remains very popular as a garden variety.

Bloody Ploughman apple

A blood red apple from Scotland with a mild but sweet flavour.
Photo of Blue Pearmain

Blue Pearmain apple

An heirloom American apple variety, commonly found in New York state. Named for the blue-colored bloom.
Photo of Bonza

Bonza apple

A chance seedling discovered in Australia.
Photo of Braeburn

Braeburn apple

Braeburn was the first of the new wave of bi-colored supermarket apple varieties, and re-established the importance of flavor in commercial apples.

Bright Future apple

One of the last varieties developed by English apple breeder Hugh Ermen, introduced in 2008 in conjunction with organic charity Garden Organic.
Photo of Brownlees Russet

Brownlees Russet apple

A popular English apple from the Victorian era, widely grown at the time and esteemed for its flavour and blossom.
Photo of Burgundy

Burgundy apple

Fruit is large, round, very intense pigment, almost blackish red. Solid blush without stripes. Skin is smooth and glossy. Flesh crisp, subacid, very good eating quality. Fruits hang well for 3 weeks after harvest ripe. Storage life is short, no more than a month.

Cameo apple

A modern sweet variety, reminscent of Red Delicious.
Photo of Cellini

Cellini apple

An unusual Victorian variety, primarily a culinary apple but can be eaten fresh. One of the best examples of the aniseed component of apple flavours.

Charden apple

A modern French apple derived from Golden Delicious but with better disease resistance.
Photo of Charles Ross

Charles Ross apple

Handsome, juicy, versatile English classic - good for old-fashioned English cooking.
Photo of Cheerfull Gold

Cheerfull Gold apple

A modern English apple variety, derived from Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious.
Photo of Chehalis

Chehalis apple

Large greenish yellow apple, usually with a pink blush on exposed side. Resembles Golden Delicious in looks and flavor but larger, crisper and more elongated. Crisp, cream colored flesh. Medium-fine texture. Sweet, slightly honeyed, juicy eating and baking apple.
Photo of Chenango Strawberry

Chenango Strawberry apple

Medium to large fruit smooth, yellowish or greenish-white skin striped with crimson. Flesh juicy, mildly subacid, aromatic with a hint of strawberries. Skin smooth and tough. Pick when skin starts to turn milky.
Photo of Chieftain

Chieftain apple

Fruits are medium in size, round, and bright red. Flesh firm, juicy, white. Flavor subacid, milder than Jonathan but more sprightly than Delicious. Dual purpose, high quality. Keeps well.
Photo of Chivers Delight

Chivers Delight apple

Delightful, easy-going apple, sweet, juicy, crunchy - and some aromatic qualities
Photo of Christmas Pippin

Christmas Pippin apple

A modern Cox-style variety, found growing by a roadside.
Photo of Claygate Pearmain

Claygate Pearmain apple

A popular Victorian dessert apple, named after the village where it was discovered.
Photo of Cockett's Red

Cockett's Red apple

A small but pretty red eating apple from Cambridgeshire, with a somewhat sharp flavour which mellows in storage.

Coconut Crunch apple

A crisp, hard, winter apple which has a strong resemblance to Northern Spy, one of its parents.
Photo of Cornish Gilliflower

Cornish Gilliflower apple

An important English apple of the Victorian era, with a good sweet aromatic flavour.
Photo of Cortland

Cortland apple

One of the more successful McIntosh offspring, with all the usual characteristics, including the sweet vinous flavour.

Cosmic Crisp apple

Marketed as a new non-GMO non-browning apple, Cosmic Crisp inherits reliability and disease-resistance from Enterprise and crisp flavor from Honeycrisp. Originally known as WA38.
Photo of Court Pendu Plat

Court Pendu Plat apple

Ancient French dessert variety, rich intense unique flavour
Photo of Cox's Orange Pippin

Cox's Orange Pippin apple

This is the benchmark for flavor in apples - from a good tree in a good year it can achieve exceptional flavor.

Crimson Crisp apple

Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Very good, rich flavor. Sweet/sharp flavor, spicy. Originally known as Coop 39.

Cybele Delrouval apple

An excellent new variety from France - sweet, crisp, juicy - one of the best mid-season varieties.
Photo of D'Arcy Spice

D'Arcy Spice apple

An old apple variety from the county of Essex in south-east England with several unusual characteristics, and notable for its spice-like flavour.

Daliclass apple

Essentially an improved Elstar, with a bit more sharpness.

Dalitron apple

A modern yellow apple developed in France. Being promoted in the UK by M&S under the name Amelia.
Photo of Delicious

Delicious apple

One of the most famous and important American apple varieties. The original Delicious has a flavor that many find superior to the numerous sports such as Red Delicious that have been developed from it.
Photo of Delprim

Delprim apple

A good quality early-season variety, developed by the Delbard nursery in France, with an interesting pedigree. Deserves to be more widely grown.
Photo of Devonshire Quarrenden

Devonshire Quarrenden apple

A very old English apple variety, historically important because of its strawberry-like flavour.
Photo of Discovery

Discovery apple

A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.
Photo of Dorsett Golden

Dorsett Golden apple

A remarkable early-season apple, well-adapted to tropical climates and with a very low chill requirement.
Photo of Duke of Devonshire

Duke of Devonshire apple

An important Victorian apple with a distinctive fruity flavour, and often russeted. Continues to be quietly popular.
Photo of Earligold

Earligold apple

As an early season apple, Earligold is a good eating and cooking apple.

Early Fuji apple

Similar to regular Fuji, but harvests six weeks earlier.
Photo of Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet apple

The definitive English russet apple, with the charateristic sweet/dry "nutty" flavour.

Elise apple

A new apple variety developed to have low levels of the allergenic compounds which can cause mild allergic reaction to apples in some people.
Photo of Elstar

Elstar apple

One of the best Golden Delicious offspring, the sweet/sharp flavor is more reminscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.
Photo of Empire

Empire apple

One of the best McIntosh-style apples, with a good sweet vinous flavor, and easy to grow.
Photo of Enterprise

Enterprise apple

A modern American late-season disease-resistant apple with a sharp flavor and good keeping qualities.
Photo of Esopus Spitzenburg

Esopus Spitzenburg apple

One of the great American apple varieties, thought to be Thomas Jefferson's favourite. Noted for its spicy flavour, and for its susceptibility to any and every disease afflicting apples.

Estivale apple

A very good early/mid-season apple from France, also known as Delcorf and Delbarestivale.

Evelina apple

Evelina is a red-coloured sport of Pinova, a modern disease-resistant apple related to Golden Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin.
Photo of Fall Pippin

Fall Pippin apple

Large, yellow fall apple. Good flavor and keeper. Flesh tender, rich and of very good quality. Excellent for eating but especially desirable for culinary use.
Photo of Falstaff

Falstaff apple

Popular garden apple tree, very heavy crops, easy to grow, very juicy.
Photo of Fameuse

Fameuse apple

A very hardy apple variety. Also known as the Snow Apple of Quebec, from plantings in early French settlements in Quebec.

Fearn's Pippin apple

An attractive old English dessert variety from the 18th century.
Photo of Feltham Beauty

Feltham Beauty apple

An early season English apple, ripens in mid-August. The flavour is sweeter than most early varieties.
Photo of Fiesta

Fiesta apple

One of the best Cox-style apples, and much easier to grow. Often marketed as Red Pippin.
Photo of Flamenco

Flamenco apple

A columnar or ballarina style apple variety.
Photo of Florina

Florina apple

Medium to large. Very attractive purple-red over yellow. Medium firm. Aromatic. Keeps well.
Photo of Freedom

Freedom apple

Good multi-use apple. Medium to large red fruit on almost invisible yellow skin. Crisp, juicy, sweet, good-tasting flesh. Subacid, sprightly flavor.
Photo of Fuji

Fuji apple

Developed in Japan, but an all-American cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. A very attractive modern apple, crisp, sweet-flavoured, and keeps well.
Photo of Gala

Gala apple

One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavour, and good keeping qualities.
Photo of Gavin

Gavin apple

Early attempt to breed a scab-resistant dessert apple, surprisingly good sweet/sharp flavour - an under-rated apple
Photo of George Cave

George Cave apple

A very early English apple, popular as a garden apple variety.
Photo of Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold apple

An attractive yellow apple from Virginia
Photo of Gladstone

Gladstone apple

An old English summer apple, dating back to the 1780s, but re-introduced in 1868 by Mr Jackson of Blakedown Nursery as Jackson's Seedling. Renamed Gladstone in 1883.
Photo of Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apple

Undoubtedly one of the most important apple varieties of the 20th century, both as a commercial variety in its own right, and as breeding stock for many other varieties. Very good flavor when home-grown.
Photo of Golden Harvey

Golden Harvey apple

Intense, sweet, sharp-flavored russet apple famous for strong cider.
Photo of Golden Pippin

Golden Pippin apple

Yellow colored with a sharp, intense fruity flavor.
Photo of Golden Russet

Golden Russet apple

Golden Russet is usually considered as one of the best-flavored of the American russet apples.
Photo of GoldRush

GoldRush apple

A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance.
Photo of Granny Smith

Granny Smith apple

The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia's most famous export.

Gravenstein apple

An old apple variety from Denmark which remains very popular in both Europe and North America on account of its high quality flavor.

Green Harvey apple

An old green dual-purpose apple with a sweet-sharp flavour. This is probably not related to Harvey or Golden Harvey varieties.
Photo of Greensleeves

Greensleeves apple

A good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour.
Photo of Grimes Golden

Grimes Golden apple

Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.

Haralred apple

Selection of Red Haralson. Earlier, redder, and sweeter, without the common russeting problem many Haralsons have. Juicy, tart, firm flesh. Good keeper. Haralred is the tradename, the variety name is Lautz.
Photo of Haralson

Haralson apple

Good baking, eating and cider apple. Flesh is crisp, juicy, firm. Mildly tart flavor, not acid. Holds its shape and texture in baking. Retains good flavor in keeping.

Hawaii apple

Gourmet dessert apple with a flavor and aroma like pineapple. Large, yellow fruit with light pinkish orange striping gives overall orange appearance. Exceptionally sweet flavor is largely influenced by Gravenstein.
Photo of Herefordshire Russet

Herefordshire Russet apple

A modern russet with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour, could displace Egremont Russet

Histon Favourite apple

One of a number of apple varieties developed by the Chivers family, who owned a well-known jam manufacturing business in Histon, Cambridgeshire. Histon Favourite is a late-season eating apple, which according to Taylor achieved "medium prices only" in local markets.
Photo of Holstein

Holstein apple

Noted for its excellent orange-yellow juice, fairly soft, slight pineapple flavour
Photo of Honey Pippin

Honey Pippin apple

An English Cox-style apple, said to have a "honeyed" flavour.
Photo of Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apple

Sometimes marketed as Honey Crisp or Honeycrunch, this is a crisp, and predominantly sweet, modern variety from the USA. It was developed by the University of Minnesota specifically for growers in cold climates, and is one of the most cold-hardy of apple varieties.

Hubbardston Nonesuch apple

Large, rugged fruit with red skin, highlight of gold. Flesh hard, crisp yet fine-grained. Sprightly and rich flavor, becoming sweeter when fully ripe.

Hudson's Golden Gem apple

Excellent eating apple. Large conical and elongated fruit. Dull yellow russet skin. Crisp, sugary flesh with nutty flavor.
Photo of Idared

Idared apple

Idared is notable for its exceptional keeping qualities. It has a pleasant mild but undistinguished apple flavor.
Photo of Ingrid Marie

Ingrid Marie apple

A Cox-style apple from Denmark, quite popular in northern Europe.

Initial apple

Initial is an early/mid-season disease-resistant variety from France, related to Gala.
Photo of Irish Peach

Irish Peach apple

A very early season apple, thought to come from Ireland, and a popular garden variety in the UK.
Photo of Jazz

Jazz apple

Proof that supermarket apples are no longer bland and boring, Jazz has crisp flesh with a superb rich peardrop flavor.

Jefferies apple

Choice early fall apple. Thin-skinned fruit, light red with darker red stripes. Flesh is juicy, crisp yet melting. Rich, pear-like flavor.
Photo of Jester

Jester apple

An attractive unpretentious apple, crisp and refreshing, nice flavour but rather bland.
Photo of Jonagold

Jonagold apple

A very popular commercial variety, with a good flavour. Inherits many of the good qualities of its parents Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan apple

A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.
Photo of Jordan Russet

Jordan Russet apple

Juicy, hard, red russet. Excellent keeper. Very winter hardy. Makes delicious cider.
Photo of Jubilee

Jubilee apple

One of the lesser-known McIntosh-style apples.

Junami apple

A new bi-coloured apple from Switzerland, quite similar to Elstar in appearance.
Photo of Jupiter

Jupiter apple

One of the best Cox-style varieties, slightly more robust flavour than Cox
Photo of Kandil Sinap

Kandil Sinap apple

Tall cylindrical apple. Creamy, yellow porcelain-like skin with red blush. Crisp, juicy, fine-textured flesh, excellent flavor.
Photo of Karin Schneider

Karin Schneider apple

A red-colored sport of Ingrid Marie. Medium large fruit, yellow skinned with crimson. Sweet, aromatic flavor.
Photo of Karmijn de Sonnaville

Karmijn de Sonnaville apple

A Cox-style apple from the Netherlands, very attractive autumnal colours, and the potential for very good flavor.
Photo of Katy

Katy apple

A very attractive and easy-to-grow early apple variety from Sweden, properly called Katya - Katy is the anglicised name.
Photo of Keepsake

Keepsake apple

Unattractive, irregularly shaped, 2.25 to 2.75 inch diameter, 90% red fruit. Fine grained, hard, very crisp, juicy light yellow flesh. Strongly aromatic flavor. Very hardy. Mellows with age. Attains peak fresh eating quality in January or February. Keeps in storage through April.
Photo of Kidd's Orange Red

Kidd's Orange Red apple

Marries the complex aromatic qualities of English Cox apples with the scented flavour of American Delicious. A good apple for the gardener as well.

Kiku apple

A red-sport of Fuji, grown primarily in Italy.
Photo of King David

King David apple

A good quality American apple variety, notable for its resistance to fireblight.
Photo of King of Tompkins County

King of Tompkins County apple

An old American variety from New Jersey. The fruit is very large, and keeps well.
Photo of King's Acre Pippin

King's Acre Pippin apple

A good late-season English dessert apple, with a strong flavour. Keeps well.
Photo of Lady Apple

Lady Apple

Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.

Lady Henniker apple

A well-regarded large late-season Victorian apple variety, primarily a cooker.
Photo of Lady Hollendale

Lady Hollendale apple

An attractive crimson-striped early-season English apple, originating in East Anglia.
Photo of Lady Sudeley

Lady Sudeley apple

A well-known and attractive English early-season apple from the late Victorian era.
Photo of Lady Williams

Lady Williams apple

An attractive red flushed Australian apple of uncertain parentage, but with excellent keeping qualities.

Langton's Nonsuch apple

An old English variety, originating in Church Langton, Leicestershire, from which its name derives.
Photo of Laxton's Fortune

Laxton's Fortune apple

A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK.
Photo of Laxton's Superb

Laxton's Superb apple

The definitive late Victorian dessert apple, firm, Cox-style but sweeter, understated but very "more-ish".
Photo of Lemon Pippin

Lemon Pippin apple

Good for drying. Small, yellow dotted fruit with greenish-white, crisp, acid flesh.
Photo of Liberty

Liberty apple

Sounds like an heirloom variety, but actually a modern American apple variety, developed specifically for disease resistance.
Photo of Limelight

Limelight apple

Developed by UK apple breeder H. Ermen, based on the Greensleeves apple from East Malling Research Station.

Little Pax apple

A new English apple variety, recently discovered at St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight.

Lord Burghley apple

A well-regarded Victorian winter dessert apple, and an excellent keeper.
Photo of Lord Hindlip

Lord Hindlip apple

A versatile English dessert variety from the late Victorian era, and one of the longest-keeping apples.
Photo of Lord Lambourne

Lord Lambourne apple

Popular garden variety, many uses, good balance of sweet and sharp

Lord Peckover apple

An early-season apple, originating from the East Anglia region of England, with an attractive crimson flushed skin.
Photo of Macoun

Macoun apple

Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones.

Mairac apple

A modern Swiss apple, derived from Gala and Maigold and released in 2002.
Photo of Malinda

Malinda apple

Yellow apple with slight taste of pears. Not widely grown today, but parent of many University of Minnesota bred apples.

Mantet apple

An early-season apple variety from Canada.
Photo of Margil

Margil apple

A very old variety, with a good flavour.
Photo of McIntosh

McIntosh apple

A crisp red apple with bright white flesh and refreshing sweet flavor.
Photo of Melrose

Melrose apple

Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it's fruity aroma.
Photo of Merton Knave

Merton Knave apple

An early-season English dessert apple, raised in the mid twentieth century.
Photo of Merton Prolific

Merton Prolific apple

An interesting cross between a cooker (Northern Greening) and a dessert apple (Cox's Orange Pippin).

Miller's Seedling apple

A small early-season English apple, popular in late Victorian times.
Photo of Morgan Sweet

Morgan Sweet apple

An old cider apple variety, popular in the "west country" of the UK, and sweet enough to eat fresh.
Photo of Mother

Mother apple

An old Massachusetts apple variety rated for its flavor.
Photo of Mutsu

Mutsu apple

A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.

Nectarapple apple

Maroon skin colored apple with yellow undercolor. Skin is chewy like a nectarine, and displays unique cracking near the calyx lobe. Flavor and scent similar to a nectarine.

New Rock Pippin apple

An old English late-season dessert apple variety originating from Cambridgeshire. Highly regarded by 19th century writers for its dry firm flesh and rich flavour and hint of anise.
Photo of Newtown Pippin

Newtown Pippin apple

Also known as Albermarle Pippin. Made famous by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who grew them in his orchard at Monticello. One of the first US apple exports to the UK.

Nittany apple

Crisp, juicy yellow flesh tart apple, 3 to 3.25 inches in diameter. About 50 to 90% of the surface is covered with a dull red color. Shape is truncate to conical. Good eaten fresh but also good choice for a cooking apple as it holds its shape when cooked.
Photo of Nonpareil

Nonpareil apple

A very old apple variety from France, which became very popular in England. It has a distinctive pear-drop flavour.
Photo of Norfolk Royal Russet

Norfolk Royal Russet apple

Norfolk Royal Russet is one of the best-looking russet apples, with a superb rich sweet flavour.
Photo of Northern Spy

Northern Spy apple

A widely grown American heirloom apple variety. The fruit is late ripening and stores well.
Photo of Novamac

Novamac apple

Flattened fruit with 70% red stripe on green background. Crisp, tender, fine-textured flesh. Slight McIntosh flavor. Good quality.
Photo of Opal

Opal apple

A modern apple from the Czech Republic, related to Golden Delicious and Topaz.

Opal (Seabrook) apple

An early-season English apple, with very similar qualities to one of its parents, Worcester Pearmain.

Orin apple

Yellow skin is blushed red-orange and dotted with conspicuous white lenticels. Sweet, very honeyed, pale yellow flesh, but of little taste or acidity of fruit. Shares same parentage as Mutsu.

Oriole apple

An early-season American apple from the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Orleans Reinette

Orleans Reinette apple

An old-fashioned 18th century French apple, with a good reputation for flavour, but usually not a good cropper.
Photo of Ozark Gold

Ozark Gold apple

Very similar to Golden Delicious. Flavor is sweet, honeyed, very juicy with little acidity.

Pacific Rose™ apple

An attractive new late-season high-quality dessert apple from New Zealand.
Photo of Pink Lady

Pink Lady apple

One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink.
Photo of Pinova

Pinova apple

An attractive yellow apple with a pink/orange flush. Crops heavily and stores well. Also known as Pinata.
Photo of Pitmaston Pine Apple

Pitmaston Pine Apple

An old English apple variety with an unusual flavour reminscent of pineapples.
Photo of Pixie

Pixie apple

A popular garden variety, and a very good Cox substitute, quite sharp flavour
Photo of Pixie Crunch

Pixie Crunch apple

Small, sweet flavored, crisp and juicy apple. Greenish-yellow base color with 90-100% red-purple overcolor.
Photo of Prairie Spy

Prairie Spy apple

All purpose. Red over yellow, attractive large fruit. Some russeting may occur. Excellent flavor, improves in storage. Extra long keeping winter apple.
Photo of Priam

Priam apple

Medium range red over green-yellow. Keeps well through January.

Prima apple

Medium to large fruit with dark red blush over yellow. Juicy white flesh with mild subacid flavor.
Photo of Priscilla

Priscilla apple

Medium in size. 65% red blush over yellow background. Crisp, coarse, mildly subacid. White to slightly greenish flesh. Good flavor and quality. Will store for three months. Fruit hangs well.
Photo of Pristine

Pristine apple

Beautiful lemon-yellow apple with a perfect finish. This high quality apple is very productive and is a good keeper for an early apple.
Photo of Queen Cox

Queen Cox apple

A popular self-fertile sport of Cox's Orange Pippin, similar excellent flavour but slightly easier to grow.
Photo of Rajka

Rajka apple

A modern variety from the Czech Republic, bred specifically for disease resistance.

Red Astrachan apple

Eating, cooking and cider apple. Medium sized, crimson colored, flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.
Photo of Red Delicious

Red Delicious apple

One of the most famous American apple varieties, a sport of Delicious, known for its bright red color.
Photo of Red Devil

Red Devil apple

Red Devil is an attractive modern English mid-season apple, developed by the influential English apple enthusiast Hugh Ermen. It is notable for its attractive pink juice.
Photo of Red Falstaff

Red Falstaff apple

A red-coloured sport of Falstaff, a popular garden apple tree.

Red Jonathan apple

A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities.

Red Prince apple

A deep red sweet apple. Unusually for a modern commercial apple Red Prince arose the old-fashioned way, discovered growing as a chance seedling in an orchard in 1994.
Photo of Red Windsor

Red Windsor apple

A red sport of Alkmene, with the same strong Cox-style flavour, but with a distinctly different appearance. Also known as Sweet Lilibet.

Redsleeves apple

Red flushed, smooth skinned, dessert variety. Sweet, lightly aromatic, crisp, juicy flesh; can be weakly flavored.
Photo of Reinette du Canada

Reinette du Canada apple

An old French russet variety, and remains the definitive French russet variety. Also known as Reinette Blanche du Canada.
Photo of Reinette Grise du Canada

Reinette Grise du Canada apple

A more russeted form of the popular Reinette du Canada. Grown commercially in France and Italy.
Photo of Rhode Island Greening

Rhode Island Greening apple

One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
Photo of Ribston Pippin

Ribston Pippin apple

Famous Yorkshire apple variety, probably the parent of Cox's Orange Pippin.

Rival apple

A Cox-style cooking apple, commercially successful in the 1920s.

Rosemary Russet apple

A classic English russet apple from the Victorian era, though not as well known as its contemporaries.

Rosette apple

An early-season pink-fleshed apple variety, similar to Discovery.
Photo of Roxbury Russet

Roxbury Russet apple

Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.
Photo of Rubinette

Rubinette apple

Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.

Rubinola apple

A mid-season disease-resistant variety from the Czech Republic, with a very good flavor.
Photo of Saint Edmund's Pippin

Saint Edmund's Pippin apple

A popular russet apple with the characteristic sandpaper skin and sweet flavour. Often known as St. Edmund's Russet.

Saint Everard apple

One of the more unusual Cox-derived apples, Saint Everard is the result of Cox pollinated by a well-regarded old English variety, Margil. As might be expected it has a high quality aromatic flavour. However it suffers from the cultural difficulties of Cox's Orange Pippin and did not achieve commercial success.

Sans Pareil apple

An English apple variety from the Victorian era, or possibly earlier, with a good flavour, deserves to be more widely grown.

Sansa apple

Red, medium large. Sweet with acid. Resembles Gala flavor.
Photo of Santana

Santana apple

A modern apple from the Netherlands, with a pleasant vinous flavour and bred specifically for reduced levels of proteins which can cause allergic reactions for some people.
Photo of Saturn

Saturn apple

An excellent modern English apple variety, developed at the famous East Malling research station.

Scarlet Surprise apple

One of the most striking examples of a red-fleshed apple variety.
Photo of Scrumptious

Scrumptious apple

A new early-season English dessert apple, with very good flavour.

Smitten apple

A typical modern fresh-tasting apple from New Zealand, related to Falstaff, Fiesta, Gala, and Braeburn.
Photo of Smokehouse

Smokehouse apple

Large, flattish shape, yellow flushed and striped red. Flesh crisp, yellowish, moderately fine-grained. Fresh cider flavor. Very good quality cooking, eating, and baking apple. Keeps well through March.
Photo of Spartan

Spartan apple

Attractive, crunchy, sweet, easy to grow, and with the characteristic delicate wine-like "vinous" flavor of the McIntosh family of apples.

Spigold apple

Large golden yellow fruit 75% covered with bright red stripes. Tender skin. Fine grained firm crisp yellow flesh, sprightly and sweet. Stores well.

State Fair apple

Fruit is round, conic, medium sized. Fruit is brilliantly striped with reddish orange over a yellow background. Creamy flesh is firm, juicy aromatic and sweet and firmer than most early varieties. Moderately subacid flavor. Excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well for a summer apple.

Stayman apple

An old American dual-purpose apple variety, popular in Virginia. Descended from Winesap, and in most respects an even better apple.
Photo of Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry Parfait apple

Early season apple with hints of strawberry flavoring

Sturmer Pippin apple

A popular Victorian dessert apple variety, notable for its exceptional keeping qualities.

Summer Rambo apple

Attractive, large, brightly striped, red fruit. Breaking, crisp, exceptionally juicy flesh. Subacid, aromatic flavor.

Sundance apple

A modern disease-resistant apple with an attractive yellow blush.
Photo of Sundowner

Sundowner apple

A late-season apple from Australia, whose varietal name is Cripps Red and which is related to Pink Lady®.
Photo of Sunrise

Sunrise apple

One of the best early apple varieties, ripening in the UK in late August.
Photo of Sunset

Sunset apple

Popular garden alternative to Cox, easier to grow, and has a similar flavour albeit lacking some of the depth.

Suntan apple

Medium-large fruit, gold-yellow flushed and striped orange-red. Flesh yellowish-cream. Firm and fairly juicy. Flesh rather coarsely textured, crisp.
Photo of Surprize

Surprize apple

A new pink-fleshed apple variety with an orange skin.

Sweet Sixteen apple

Large, red striped fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic.

Thoday's Quarrenden apple

A mid/late season English dessert apple, raised in Cambridge in the mid 20th century, but thought to be related to the early-season Devonshire Quarrenden.

Twenty Ounce apple

Fruit very large, yellow-green flushed red-orange. Juicy, sweet flesh.
Photo of Tydeman's Early Worcester

Tydeman's Early Worcester apple

A sweet early-season English apple, grown commercially on a small scale. Has a good flavour and somewhat under-rated.
Photo of Vista Bella

Vista Bella apple

A very-early season dessert apple.

Wagener apple

One of the best late fall varieties for dessert, sauce, cider, juice and storage. Doesn't shrivel. Medium sized, glossy green, red flushed fruit. White flesh, very crisp, juicy and tender, resembles NorthernSpy in taste.

Wayside apple

Wayside is a mid-season dessert apple, probably a seedling of Charles Ross, which it resembles in appearance and flavour.

Wealthy apple

Excellent dessert and multi-use apple, picked a few weeks early for cooking. Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh. Refreshing, sprightly, vinous flavor.
Photo of Weirouge

Weirouge apple

A red-fleshed apple variety which has been used as the basis for commercial development of new red-fleshed apples.

Westfield Seek-no-Further apple

Creamy yellow fruit streaked red with some russeting. Crisp, tender, juicy and aromatic flesh with distinctive flavor. Not recommended for cooking.

William Crump apple

An intensely flavoured English apple, related to Cox and Worcester Pearmain.

William's Pride apple

Fruit is medium in size and slightly conic in shape with a rich aromatic flavor. Apples are 70-80% red with excellent eating quality.

WineCrisp apple

WineCrisp, formerly known as Coop31, is a modern disease-resistant variety developed by the Universities of Prudue, Rutgers and Illinois.
Photo of Winesap

Winesap apple

Often known as Virginia Winesap, a tart small apple, and like many US heirloom varieties, keeps well in store.
Photo of Winter Banana

Winter Banana apple

Named for the alleged banana-like flavour.

Winter Gem apple

A late-season modern English apple with a good aromatic flavour.
Photo of Wolf River

Wolf River apple

Named after the place where it was found. Notable for its very large size, primarily used for cooking. The tree is exceptionally cold hardy and disease resistant.

Worcester Pearmain apple

A popular early-season English apple, sometimes with a strawberry flavour. Often used in breeding programmes to develop other early varieties.

Yellow Bellflower apple

Excellent cooking and cider variety. Good dessert apple later in season as flavor develops with time. 13.61% sugar. Large to medium-sized fruit. Smooth, lemon yellow skin blushed red to red-orange. Juicy and aromatic.
Photo of Yellow Ingestrie

Yellow Ingestrie apple

An attractive old yellow apple, with quite a strong apple flavour

Yellow Transparent apple

Well-known early summer apple, good for drying, freezing, sauce, juice and wine. Transparent pale yellow skin. Crisp, light-textured, juicy flesh. Very sweet flavor. Not good storer.

York Imperial apple

Good cooking/baking apple and excellent keeper.
Photo of Zabergau Reinette

Zabergau Reinette apple

German russet-style apple, but sharper than Egremont Russet, tastes of nettles when straight from the tree. Keeps for 3-4 months.
Photo of Zari

Zari apple

An attractive modern commercial apple variety, related to Delcorf and Elstar.
Photo of Zestar!

Zestar! apple

Early season apple with a good crisp sweet-tart flavor.

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