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Apple varieties

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  • Saint Edmund's Pippin  apple

    Photo of Saint Edmund's Pippin
    A popular russet apple with the characteristic sandpaper skin and sweet flavour. Often known as St. Edmund's Russet.
  • Saint Everard  apple

    One of the more unusual Cox-derived apples, Saint Everard is the result of Cox pollinated by a well-regarded old English variety, Margil. As might be expected it has a high quality aromatic flavour. However it suffers from the cultural difficulties of Cox's Orange Pippin and did not achieve commercial success.
  • Sam Young  apple

    Medium. Russet.
  • Sandow  apple

    Similarity to its parent Northern Spy. Creamy flesh color and long keeping quality, but it has a fuller flavor, is hardier, and redder and less troubled by scab. Bright scarlet stripes and flush. Sweet, juicy melting flesh; definite flavor of raspberries. Quality very high. Aromatic, juicy and crisp.
  • Sans Pareil  apple

    An English apple variety from the Victorian era, or possibly earlier, with a good flavour, deserves to be more widely grown.
  • Sansa  apple

    Red, medium large. Sweet with acid. Resembles Gala flavor.
  • Santana®  apple

    Photo of Santana®
    A modern apple from the Netherlands, with a pleasant vinous flavour and bred specifically for reduced levels of proteins which can cause allergic reactions for some people.
  • Sapora®  apple

    A modern apple variety developed in France, related to Rubinette.
  • Saturn  apple

    Photo of Saturn
    An excellent modern English apple variety, developed at the famous East Malling research station.
  • Scarlet Crofton  apple

    Medium size. Sweet.
  • Scarlet Gala  apple

    Unusually bright red color distinguishes it from other Galas. It is a medium sized apple. Oval to round in shape and slightly taller than other strains. Flesh is yellow, extremely firm, very juicy, and sweet and mildly aromatic.
  • Scarlet Pippin  apple

    Very attractive medium sized round dessert apple. White, firm, crisp, melting flesh. Juicy and mildly subacid with good flavor.
  • Scarlet Surprise  apple

    One of the most striking examples of a red-fleshed apple variety.
  • Scarlett O'Hara™  apple

    Fruit is round-conic, full blushed red, sweet and juicy. Hangs extremely well to the tree and sugars increase greatly until early October.
  • Schmidtberger Reinette  apple

    Medium sized fruit is green, flushed and striped red. Sweet-sharp, aromatic flesh.
  • Scifresh  apple

    Photo of Scifresh
    A synonym for Jazz.
  • Scotch Bridget  apple

    Photo of Scotch Bridget
    A reliable Scottish cooking apple that is also widely-grown in north-west England.
  • Scotch Dumpling  apple

    An early-ripening culinary apple, which cooks to a frothy puree.
  • Scrumptious®  apple

    Photo of Scrumptious®
    A new early-season English dessert apple, with very good flavour.
  • Sekai Ichi  apple

    Color of fruit varies form pale pink to darker red with red stripes. Sometimes solid red in the sun. Crisp, breaking, juicy flesh. Very sweet fine mild flavor.
  • Senator  apple

    A flattish round, medium size apple. Almost solid red over green background with prominent white or russet dots. Tender, crisp, juicy flesh. Most refreshing flavor.
  • Senshu  apple

    This Fuji-type apple has a wonderful sweet flavor with a crisp, juicy texture. Pink stripe over green. Small to medium fruit, round to oblate.
  • Sensyu  apple

    A synonym for Senshu.
  • September Wonder Fuji  apple

    Blush. Approximates flavor of Fuji in spite of much shorter growing season.
  • Shamrock  apple

    Medium size fruit is very similar in appearance to Granny Smith. Flesh is creamy light green and has a coarse texture with a sprightly flavor similar to McIntosh.
  • Sharon  apple

    Yellow fruit striped with red. Flesh sweet, soft & juicy. Can lack acidity and taste woody. Generally similar to McIntosh, but sweeter and firmer. High quality.
  • Shay  apple

    The red elongated fruit is crisp, sweet, and great for fresh eating.
  • Sheepnose  apple

    A synonym for Black Gilliflower.
  • Shenandoah  apple

    Photo of Shenandoah
    Quite similar to its parent Opalescent, and a pleasant sweet apple in its own right
  • Shiawassee  apple

    Yellow fruit covered with red flush and darker streaks. Crisp, juicy, aromatic, subacid flavor.
  • Shinsei  apple

    Resembles Golden Delicious but harder. Medium size, round, greenish yellow fruit. Firm, fine grained white flesh. Very sweet, scented, crisp & juicy.
  • Shizuka  apple

    Same parentage as Mutsu (Crispin). Large. Yellow with red-orange blush. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu (not necessarily preferable), but excellent flavor.
  • Sierra Beauty  apple

    Large blocky handsome apple. Greenish yellow skin. Striped or blushed with red. Juicy very crisp moderately sweet flesh.   Rich, tart, sprightly flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or cooking. Good keeper.
  • Silken  apple

    Medium size. Cream colored translucent. No blush or stripe pattern. Very clear, no visible lenticels. Crisp, juicy, excellent flavor. Short season, not a keeper.
  • Sinta  apple

    Medium sized fruits are pale yellow, sometimes almost white with a pinkish blush in the sun. Crisp, juicy, deep cream flesh; sweet, aromatic flavor superior to either parent.
  • Sir Isaac Newton's Tree  apple

    The tree under which the famous scientist gained the inspiration for his theory of gravitation.
  • Sir Prize  apple

    Large greenish yellow fruit. High quality, but very thin tender skin that bruises easily. Very sweet, scented taste, crisp & juicy.
  • Skinner's Seedling  apple

    Greenish-yellow apple, blushed pink, good for cooking and eating. Flesh white and fine-grained.
  • Smitten™  apple

    A typical modern fresh-tasting apple from New Zealand, related to Falstaff, Fiesta, Gala, and Braeburn.
  • Smokehouse  apple

    Photo of Smokehouse
    Large, flattish shape, yellow flushed and striped red. Flesh crisp, yellowish, moderately fine-grained. Fresh cider flavor. Very good quality cooking, eating, and baking apple. Keeps well through March.
  • Smoothee Golden Delicious  apple

    Continues to be the most russet-resistant Golden Delicious strain, allowing quality Goldens to be grown where proneness to russetting would otherwise prohibit Golden production. Essentially the same as Golden Delicious except for skin smoothness and russet resistance.
  • Snow Apple  apple

    Photo of Snow Apple
    A synonym for Fameuse.
  • Snow Sweet  apple

    Sweet with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. Firm, snow white flesh is very slow to oxidize when exposed to air. 3-inch oblate shaped fruit, 70-85% bronze-red blush over a green-yellow background.
  • SnowSweet™  apple

    A cold-hardy red apple from the University of Minnesota.
  • Sonata  apple

    Photo of Sonata
    A synonym for Pinova.
  • Sonya  apple

    Photo of Sonya
    A very new apple variety, but already popular with fans of sweeter apples - and one of the most popular pages on this website.
  • Sops in Wine  apple

    Old English culinary and cider apple. Fruit medium, skin greenish yellow flushed purple red. Flesh soft, fine stained pink. Flavor aromatic, subacid, vinous.
  • Southfield  apple

    Photo of Southfield
    A synonym for Jazz.
  • Spartan  apple

    Photo of Spartan
    Attractive, crunchy, sweet, easy to grow, and with the characteristic delicate wine-like "vinous" flavor of the McIntosh family of apples.
  • Spencer  apple

    Large nearly solid red or red striped over green fruit. Very sweet with crisp juicy flesh. Fine flavor. Core smaller than McIntosh. Excellent eating quality.
  • Spigold  apple

    Large golden yellow fruit 75% covered with bright red stripes. Tender skin. Fine grained firm crisp yellow flesh, sprightly and sweet. Stores well.
  • Spijon  apple

    The fruits are large, of good quality, and have a very attractive red blush.
  • Spitzenburg  apple

    Photo of Spitzenburg
    A synonym for Esopus Spitzenburg.
  • Splendour  apple

    A popular commercial apple variety in New Zealand.
  • Starking Delicious  apple

    A striped improvement of the original Delicious, inferior in color and typiness compared to today's selections, but superior in taste. Much more complex flavor with a honey component.
  • Starkrimson  apple

    Photo of Starkrimson
    Crisp, dense flesh, very sweet, quite juicy - a Delicious-style apple
  • Starkrimson Red Delicious  apple

    The first super strain of Delicious. Has the "black" red when fully colored. Flavor not as good as predecessors.
  • Starr  apple

    Large, yellow-green fruit. Crisp, tart and juicy flesh.
  • State Fair  apple

    Fruit is round, conic, medium sized. Fruit is brilliantly striped with reddish orange over a yellow background. Creamy flesh is firm, juicy aromatic and sweet and firmer than most early varieties. Moderately subacid flavor. Excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well for a summer apple.
  • Stayman  apple

    An old American dual-purpose apple variety, popular in Virginia. Descended from Winesap, and in most respects an even better apple.
  • Stearns  apple

    Red stripes and a yellow background. It's creamy white flesh, although crisp to the teeth, is melting and tender and almost dissolves on the tongue. Its flavor has a rich luscious pure apple taste. Good savory taste. Plenty of sweetness, acidity, & juice. Fruits up to 3" in circumference.
  • Stirling Castle  apple

    A popular Victorian cooking apple from Stirling in Scotland, produces a good-flavoured puree.
  • Stoke Red  apple

    A classic English cider variety, producing a high-quality bittersharp juice.
  • Strawberry Parfait  apple

    Photo of Strawberry Parfait
    Early season apple with hints of strawberry flavoring
  • Strawberry Pippin  apple

    Medium sized fruit is striped and flushed red. Crisp, juicy flesh that is quite sweet.
  • Sturdeespur  apple

    Bright cherry-red blush fruit. Creamy, high quality flesh. Color reaches full bright red ahead of maturity which is in the middle area of Red Delicious strains. Known for it's aromatic flavor and fresh eating quality.
  • Sturmer Pippin  apple

    A popular Victorian dessert apple variety, notable for its exceptional keeping qualities.
  • Summer Champion  apple

    Medium-sized round-conical shaped. Yellow skin covered with red and pink stripes. Flesh semifirm, nearly white with subacid flavor.
  • Summer Mac  apple

    Bright red apple with creamy white flesh.
  • Summer Pearmain  apple

    Superb, rich flavor.
  • Summer Rambo  apple

    Attractive, large, brightly striped, red fruit. Breaking, crisp, exceptionally juicy flesh. Subacid, aromatic flavor.
  • Summer Rose  apple

    Excellence both for eating and stewing. The size is moderate, the form flat, the skin smooth of a beautiful yellow resembling yellow wax, blended with red in streaks and blotches. The flesh is sweet, sprightly, and juicy.
  • Summer Treat  apple

    Fruits are large to very large, of angular, oblong-conic shape, with glossy skin blushed 70-100% brilliant red. The coarse, cream colored flesh is crisp, sweet, and good fresh from the tree when the fruits are ripe. Fruits hang well, but lose quality quickly and become mealy if not harvested. Storage life is short.
  • Suncrisp™  apple

    Good looking yellow apple with a 0-40% orange-red blush. Flavor is sweet yet mildly subacid, said to be intense. Cream colored flesh, not prone to browning. Fruit can be stored up to 6 months in cold storage.
  • Sundance™  apple

    A modern disease-resistant apple with an attractive yellow blush.
  • Sundowner®  apple

    Photo of Sundowner®
    A late-season apple from Australia, whose varietal name is Cripps Red and which is related to Pink Lady®.
  • Sunny Brook  apple

    Medium size. Bright red over yellow. Fair dessert quality. Good cooking apple.
  • Sunrise  apple

    Photo of Sunrise
    One of the best early apple varieties, ripening in the UK in late August.
  • Sunset  apple

    Photo of Sunset
    Popular garden alternative to Cox, easier to grow, and has a similar flavour albeit lacking some of the depth.
  • Suntan  apple

    Medium-large fruit, gold-yellow flushed and striped orange-red. Flesh yellowish-cream. Firm and fairly juicy. Flesh rather coarsely textured, crisp.
  • Superchief Spur Red Delicious  apple

    One of the best red sports of Red Delicious. Starts out as a stripe and fills in to a solid red a full ten days ahead of its parent.
  • Surprise  apple

    Small, green winter apple with creamy white, red stained flesh.
  • Surprize™  apple

    Photo of Surprize™
    A new pink-fleshed apple variety with an orange skin.
  • Sutton Beauty  apple

    Uniform and symmetrical shape, beautiful color and pleasant quality makes it an excellent eating apple. Too mild for culinary use. Flesh slightly tinged with yellow, rather firm, moderately fine-grained, crisp, tender, juicy, mild subacid.
  • Swaar  apple

    Large, dull yellow fruit with russet dots. Uncommon flavor and richness, spicy and aromatic. The creamy white flesh is firm textured with a sweet and aromatic flavor and the flavor will improve with storage. It will soften and mellow somewhat like a pear until slightly soft at which time it has velvety, tender and beautifully balanced flesh.
  • Swayzie  apple

    Golden yellow sprinkled with russet spots and streaks with cinnamon russet becoming solid at base. Rich, distinctive flavor; aromatic and sprightly. Excellent eating apple.
  • Sweet Alford  apple

    Fruit small-medium, pale yellow blushed pink. Sweet, juicy flesh. High quality.
  • Sweet Bough  apple

    Medium-large green apple. Juicy, tender flesh, honeyed sweetness.
  • Sweet Coppin  apple

    A traditional English mild bittersweet cider variety from Devon.
  • Sweet Delicious  apple

    Large, greenish yellow fruit, flushed reddish-orange with red streaks. Firm, fine, creamy white, melting flesh. Very sweet with an aromatic flavor. Excellent keeper.
  • Sweet Lilibet  apple

    Photo of Sweet Lilibet
    A synonym for Red Windsor.
  • Sweet Sixteen  apple

    Large, red striped fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic.
  • Sweet Winesap  apple

    An attractive red winter apple, symmetrical, uniform, medium to large size. It is excellent in quality for dessert or for baking or other culinary uses. Skin tough, smooth, pale yellow or greenish nearly overspread with bright light red with carmine stripes. Flesh nearly white, firm, rather fine, moderately crisp, tender, juicy, distinctly sweet, good to very good.
  • SweeTango®  apple

    Deep red coloration over a yellow breaking background. Crisp, juicy, sweet fruit.
  • Swiss Gourmet  apple

    Photo of Swiss Gourmet
    A synonym for Arlet.
  • Swiss Limbertwig  apple

    Most unusual color of purplish maroon with dots, medium in size, very good apple for fresh eating.

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