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Apple varieties

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  • Jackson's Seedling  apple

    Photo of Jackson's Seedling
    A synonym for Gladstone.
  • James Grieve  apple

    Photo of James Grieve
    A versatile cooking apple, excellent for juice, and widely used in breeding programmes.
  • Jazz™  apple

    Photo of Jazz™
    Proof that supermarket apples are no longer bland and boring, Jazz has crisp flesh with a superb rich peardrop flavor.
  • Jefferies  apple

    Choice early fall apple. Thin-skinned fruit, light red with darker red stripes. Flesh is juicy, crisp yet melting. Rich, pear-like flavor.
  • Jefferis  apple

    A synonym for Jefferies.
  • Jersey Mac  apple

    Medium sized red apple with yellow/green splashes. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a tart flavor. Does not store well.
  • Jester  apple

    Photo of Jester
    An attractive unpretentious apple, crisp and refreshing, nice flavour but rather bland.
  • Johnny Voun  apple

    An old English apple variety, possibly from Devon / Cornwall, possibly a cider apple variety.
  • Jonadel  apple

    Solid medium fruit, orange red streaked color. Flesh is yellowish white and fine grained.
  • Jonafree  apple

    Photo of Jonafree
    Medium size, bright red, fully or nearly fully colored. Flavor is Jonathan-like, but less acid. Keeps 10 weeks.
  • Jonagold  apple

    Photo of Jonagold
    A very popular commercial variety, with a good flavour. Inherits many of the good qualities of its parents Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
  • Jonagored  apple

    Photo of Jonagored
    Conical shaped apple with streaky red blush, crackled with russet that masks large tan lenticels. Light Yellow green flesh. Very juicy and sweet, tempered with a little tartness.
  • Jonagrimes  apple

    As the name suggests, Jonagrimes is a cross between Jonathan and Grimes Golden.
  • Jonalicious  apple

    Photo of Jonalicious
    The perfect combination of sugar and spice - taste of Red Delicious and the tart freshness of Jonathan. A crisp texture makes it ideal for eating, cooking or fresh eating. Keeps extremely well. 2½ to 3 inch fruit is bright red with yellow under color.
  • Jonamac  apple

    Photo of Jonamac
    Medium size, firm fruit with 90% dark red color over greenish background. Flesh firm, crisp, high quality with flavor similar to McIntosh.
  • Jonared  apple

    Photo of Jonared
    Flavor similar to Jonathan
  • Jonathan  apple

    Photo of Jonathan
    A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.
  • Jonwin  apple

    It has the crisper texture of the Baldwin combined with the Jonathan's distinctive aromatic flavor, and is a brighter red than either.
  • Jordan Russet  apple

    Photo of Jordan Russet
    Juicy, hard, red russet. Excellent keeper. Very winter hardy. Makes delicious cider.
  • Jubilee  apple

    Photo of Jubilee
    One of the lesser-known McIntosh-style apples.
  • Jubilee  apple

    A synonym for September Wonder Fuji.
  • July Red  apple

    Photo of July Red
    Very attractive, large, red fruit. Strongly scented with vinous or loganberry flavor; sweet, soft, juicy, white flesh.
  • Junami  apple

    A new bi-coloured apple from Switzerland, quite similar to Elstar in appearance.
  • Jupiter  apple

    Photo of Jupiter
    One of the best Cox-style varieties, slightly more robust flavour than Cox

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