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Apple varieties

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  • D'Arcy Spice  apple

    Photo of D'Arcy Spice
    An old apple variety from the county of Essex in south-east England with several unusual characteristics, and notable for its spice-like flavour.
  • Dabinett  apple

    Photo of Dabinett
    A very high quality English cider variety, provides a bittersweet juice for cider making.
  • Daliclass  apple

    Essentially an improved Elstar, with a bit more sharpness.
  • Dalitron  apple

    A modern yellow apple developed in France. Being promoted in the UK by M&S under the name Amelia.
  • Dandee Red  apple

    Bright red. McIntosh flavor. Keeps 3 months (very long for its season).
  • Davey  apple

    Photo of Davey
    Highly colored, bright red, distinctly flavored, of Baldwin texture and keeping qualities. Good, brisk taste, hint of strawberry flavor, crisp and juicy.
  • Dawn  apple

    Photo of Dawn
    A good-looking dessert variety, fairly sharp flavour
  • Dayton  apple

    Fruit is medium-large, full red and sweet.
  • Decio  apple

    Photo of Decio
    Probably the oldest variety in existence, thought to date back to Roman times
  • Delbarestivale  apple

    A synonym for Estivale.
  • Delblush  apple

    Photo of Delblush
    A synonym for Tentation.
  • Delblush  apple

    Medium, oblong, conical shape. Golden yellow with orange blush. Lenticels prominent. Crisp, firm, and juicy. Sweet, subacid, intensely aromatic to some. Keeps well.
  • Delcon  apple

    Full sized, dark red fruits shaped like a Delicious. Sweet, crisp, juicy, white flesh. Good fresh and for pies. Keeps into the winter.
  • Delcorf  apple

    A synonym for Estivale.
  • Delicious  apple

    Photo of Delicious
    One of the most famous and important American apple varieties. The original Delicious has a flavor that many find superior to the numerous sports such as Red Delicious that have been developed from it.
  • Delprim  apple

    Photo of Delprim
    A good quality early-season variety, developed by the Delbard nursery in France, with an interesting pedigree. Deserves to be more widely grown.
  • Detroit Red  apple

    Classic deep red apple. Soft, snow white flesh. Curious ridges about the calyx.
  • Devonshire Quarrenden  apple

    Photo of Devonshire Quarrenden
    A very old English apple variety, historically important because of its strawberry-like flavour.
  • Diamond Jubilee  apple

    Photo of Diamond Jubilee
    Sharp puree, crisp juicy dessert later in season
  • Discovery  apple

    Photo of Discovery
    A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.
  • Diwa  apple

    A synonym for Junami.
  • Doctor Harvey  apple

    Originates from East Anglia in the 1600s. Named after Dr Gabriel Harvey of Cambridge.
  • Doctor Matthews  apple

    Red and red-striped skin with fine crisp, juicy, creamy flesh. It has a mild but aromatic flavor. An excellent keeper.
  • Dog's Snout  apple

    A primitive green culinary apple, peculiar to the county of Yorkshire.
  • Dorsett Golden  apple

    Photo of Dorsett Golden
    A remarkable early-season apple, well-adapted to tropical climates and with a very low chill requirement.
  • Duchess of Oldenburg  apple

    Photo of Duchess of Oldenburg
    An attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the 18th century, and now quite widely grown in northern Europe and the USA.
  • Duchess's Favourite  apple

    Duchess's Favourite is a small red traditional summer eating apple from the 19th century.
  • Duke of Devonshire  apple

    Photo of Duke of Devonshire
    An important Victorian apple with a distinctive fruity flavour, and often russeted. Continues to be quietly popular.
  • Dulcet  apple

    Deep red apple with a faint stripe and pronounced lenticels. Flesh is white, crisp and enhanced with a mild, sweet flavor that is very aromatic.
  • Dumeller's Seedling  apple

    Photo of Dumeller's Seedling
    A synonym for Dumelow's Seedling.
  • Dumelow's Seedling  apple

    Photo of Dumelow's Seedling
    One of the best cooking apples of the Victoria era. More correctly known as Dumeller's Seedling.

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