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Admiration crab-apple

Also known as Malus Adirondack. A dwarf upright crab-apple with masses of light-pink / white flowers.

Airlie Red Flesh apple

A red-fleshed apple variety from the USA, sometimes known as Hidden Rose® or Aerlies Red Flesh.
Photo of Baya Marisa

Baya Marisa apple

A modern red-fleshed apple variety with a good flavour, developed in Germany, and also known as Tickled Pink.
Photo of Blenheim Orange

Blenheim Orange apple

An 18th century English dual-purpose apple which remains very popular as a garden variety.

Butterball crab-apple

Butterball is named for its bright yellow fruits, which are also good for crab apple jelly.
Photo of Charles Ross

Charles Ross apple

Handsome, juicy, versatile English classic - good for old-fashioned English cooking.

Comtesse de Paris crab-apple

A well-regarded late-flowering crab-apple with persistent yellow fruitlets.

Coralburst crab-apple

Malus Coralburst is a naturally compact crab-apple, perfect for patios.

Dolgo crab-apple

Malus Dolgo, also known as Pink Glow, offers early-season white flowers and dark pink fruits.
Photo of Duchess of Oldenburg

Duchess of Oldenburg apple

An attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the 18th century, and now quite widely grown in northern Europe and the USA.
Photo of Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet apple

The definitive English russet apple, with the charateristic sweet/dry "nutty" flavour.
Photo of Elstar

Elstar apple

One of the best Golden Delicious offspring, the sweet/sharp flavor is more reminscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.

Evereste crab-apple

Evereste is a popular crab-apple with masses of white blossom, then red-yellow fruits.

Golden Gem crab-apple

Golden Gem has bright white blossom followed by yellow crab apples.

Golden Hornet crab-apple

Malus Golden Hornet has pink / white blossom then small yellow crab apples which hang on late in the year.

Gorgeous crab-apple

Malus Gorgeous features light pink blossom and is good for crab apple jelly.
Photo of Greensleeves

Greensleeves apple

A good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour.

Harry Baker crab-apple

Malus Harry Baker is a popular crab-apple with intense dark-pink blossom and marroon fruits.
Photo of Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apple

Sometimes marketed as Honey Crisp, this is a crisp, and predominantly sweet, modern variety from the USA. It was developed by the University of Minnesota specifically for growers in cold climates, and is one of the most cold-hardy of apple varieties.

Indian Magic crab-apple

A superb all-round crab apple, bronze leaves, and persistent red fruits.

Jelly King crab-apple

A compact crab apple, with unusually large persistent fruits - excellent for crab apple jelly.

John Downie crab-apple

John Downie is a good crabapple for making crab apple jelly. White blossom and orange-red fruits.
Photo of Lady Apple

Lady Apple

Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.
Photo of Laura

Laura crab-apple

A dwarf upright crab apple with bronze leaves and crimson blossom.

Liset crab-apple

Malus Liset is a compact ornamental crab apple, with dusky red flowers and small scarlet fruits.

Malus transitoria crab-apple

Malus transitoria is sometimes known as the cut-leaf crab because of the lobed cut-outs on its leaves.

Marbles NUVAR crab-apple

Malus Marbles NUVAR
Photo of Norfolk Royal Russet

Norfolk Royal Russet apple

Norfolk Royal Russet is one of the best-looking russet apples, with a superb rich sweet flavour.
Photo of Opal

Opal apple

A modern apple from the Czech Republic, related to Golden Delicious and Topaz.
Photo of Ozark Gold

Ozark Gold apple

Very similar to Golden Delicious. Flavor is sweet, honeyed, very juicy with little acidity.
Photo of Peasgood's Nonsuch

Peasgood's Nonsuch apple

Highly esteemed culinary apple. Large pale yellow-green fruit, deepening to orange-yellow with short stripes of bright red and some russet patches. Good acid-sweet flavor, cooks to a froth.
Photo of Pink Lady

Pink Lady apple

One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink.

Prairie Fire crab-apple

Malus Prairie Fire

Profusion crab-apple

Malus Profusion is a notably compact crab apple variety, with dense clusters of deep pink blossom.

Red Obelisk crab-apple

Malus Red Obilisk

Red Sentinel crab-apple

Malus Red Sentinel has classic white apple blossom and a profusion of tiny scarlet fruits.

Rosehip crab-apple

Malus Rosehip is notable for its large rosehip-shaped red fruits.

Rosette apple

An early-season pink-fleshed apple variety, similar to Discovery.

Royal Beauty crab-apple

Royal Beauty is a compact weeping crab apple with crimson blossom.

Royalty crab-apple

Malus Royalty is an ornamental crab apple with green-bronze leaves and dark red blossom.
Photo of Saturn

Saturn apple

An excellent modern English apple variety, developed at the famous East Malling research station.

Sun Rival crab-apple

Malus Sun Rival is a crab apple with white flowers, red fruits, notable for its weeping growth habit.

Tina crab-apple

Malus Tina is a naturally compact crab-apple, perfect for patios.

Wedding Bouquet crab-apple

Wedding Bouquet is a crab-apple featuring an abundance of ivory-white blossom.
Photo of Weirouge

Weirouge apple

A red-fleshed apple variety which has been used as the basis for commercial development of new red-fleshed apples.

Winter Gem apple

A late-season modern English apple with a good aromatic flavour.

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